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Best Chipshop in shetland...


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In the mid 70's I was only 10 and about 4' tall, seeing over counters was a bit of a strugle, wasit not more of a large corridor....


So was I, but probably a bit taller. Umm, yeah, had the bit you crossed to get to the counter been for walking along rather than across, corridors have been known to be wider....


A Pakistani family had the Viking back then, not sure when they took it over but they were there '76 and probably a bit in to '77 at least, till the guy gave it up for health reasons. The grub wasn't bad as I recall, but I preferred the Fort, less of a walk from the street. :lol:

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I have a sneaking suspicion that they would be old and soggy and worthy only of the cat (yes, my cat eats chips!).

This is Felix, a mature cat of quite a choosy nature, before Christmas. We'd found 2 fish suppers from Frankie's too much for us, and like a flash, Felix was right in there..


We're a bit concerned as it looks from the picture as though he appears to also be perusing another takeaway menu, which I thought was another fine Brae establishment, the Brae Indian, but on closer inspection it looks like the Hillswick Hotel. A cat is spoilt for choice these days, what with the peripatetic Chinese chappies too..



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Hmmm...think the honeymoon period with Frankie's has worn off a little.


Mam and me decided to get our tea from there the other night, because my sister was working and it was just the two of us in the house (I'm home for Easter). I went to the chippy (taking the dog with me, she was surprisingly well behaved) and waited a while for the food. When I got it and got it home, the chicken in my supper was vastly undercooked, although the chips were good.


Hopefully this was just a one-off.

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My favourite chippie is goign to be Frankie's, it was smaller than what I thought it would've been but the food is delicious that it makes you want to clear the whole plate.

Last time (well, first time) I went there with my father, the plate looked very healthy and smoked sausage was my only choice because I like having a pineapple ring with my chips.

Keep up the good work there! :D

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