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Shetlandic words, help needed


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Of coorse it is, my brain wisna athin gear dastreen (ower muckle o da guid gear) :oops:


Bit isna da 'ed' endin' mair aften 'it' athin dialect? Mind du, Sooth o' da bible belt (C'bro) am no fairly wint wi :wink:


I canna spaek for 'dialect' bit in Shaetlan, dae'r twa things here:


1. da 'it' endin - dat is, da ene at maks a extry syllable - comes nearly alwis efter 'p, t, k, b, d an g' soonds - eg: 'wappit', 'ruitit', 'slockit', 'rubbit', 'daddit' an 'buggit'. Dis is braaly regular trowe Shaetland, as far as I'm awaar, an maistly in Scottie tui. Bit you can git a '-it' endin makkin a adjective fae a verb form efter idder soonds - for example, 'waenglit' fae 'waengle' whaar da past tense, ta me, wid be 'waengled'.


Pittin 'it' endins on wirds at duisna hae dem is ene o dis mistaks at Scottie writers at duisna spaek Scots demsels maks whin dey try ta write Scots. So you'll see things written laek - 'lauchit', 'preenit', 'spierit' an Gud kaens whit idder, whaar da naitural pronunciations wid be 'lauched' (or 'laucht', or 'leuch', bit nae extry syllable) 'preened', 'spiered' or 'spiert'. Dis mistak comes fae tinkin on da 'it' endin as 'Scots' an da 'ed' endin as 'English'.


2. In verbs whaar da endin duisna mak a extry syllable, da 't' soond tends ta come efter voiceless consonant soonds (laek s, ch, ) an da 'd' soond efter voiced enes (laek z, l). So I wid say 'past' for da past tense o 'pass', bit 'boiled' for da past tense o boil. Oonlaek da 'it' endin, I doot dis varies a lock fae ee plaece tae anidder. I wid never say 'boilt' wi a 't' soond, bit fock fae some idder wye micht. I say 'telled' bit I doot 'telt' is mair coamon, an you git 'taald/towld' tui.


As far as da 'oi' soond is concairned, Shaetlan alwis, as far as I'm awaar, pronounces da 'oi' in English wirds laek 'boy' an 'boil' mair laek [øi]. Da soond i da English pronunciation o dis wirds occurs in Shaetlan tui, tho, in wirds laek 'gloy' an 'royd'.

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