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Liberalism vs Conservatism

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That is to say that being a liberal thinker is a different thing from believing in liberal policies.

But then are liberal policies not brought about by liberal thinking :twisted: :lol: ?


I think I get what you're saying though... To my mind a true liberal thinker wouldn't blindly follow each and every liberal policy - by virtue of looking at the whole picture and balancing things up to come to their own opinion. Shame it doesn't always work like that and the nutters / zealots from both sides latch on to the bad apples from the "opposition" and quote them as gospel. Which brings me on nicely to something ArabiaTerra said:


I like to think of myself as a Liberal, willing to listen to both sides of the argument and change my opinion if I think the evidence warrants it, however, I do find myself getting increasingly impatient and angry when confronted by people who refuse to change their opinions and views even when faced with overwhelming evidence that they are wrong. (Sheepshagger?:twisted:)

You are not alone. But let's face it - the internet would be a much quieter place without them :wink:


I agree with what's being said. I would put myself as a liberal thinker as weighing up both sides of the argument and then forming opinions. I hate being wrong but will admit when I am wrong so does the trying not to admit I'm wrong even when I know I am mean that I'm also a bit conservative?

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Sorry Fjool, seem to have partially derailed this thread by mentioning the other one, perhaps it is just a temporary glitch toward the direction of "why do people get their scores".


Personally i'm pretty dualist but spend more time on the liberal side of things. I'll have to ponder it a bit to say more than that :wink:

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I am left, but this is a pretty good view on labels:


Trey Parker:


What we're sick of — and it's getting even worse — is: you either like Michael Moore or you wanna darlingin' go overseas and shoot Iraqis. There can't be a middle ground. Basically, if you think Michael Moore's full of turd, then you are a super-Christian right-wing whatever. And we're both just pretty middle-ground guys. We find just as many things to rip on on the left as we do on the right. People on the far left and the far right are the same exact person to us. Source.
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