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World's Stupidest Inventions


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I've never met anyone who had a vegetable mandolin.


In our flat it has to be the deep fat fryer landlord bought a brand new one afore we moved in but we've never used it at all.


I think the most useless thing is things that are over packaged be it food or toys (especially when I was a bairn and coudn't get into the damn things for loads of plastic and stuff).


Also can I add wasps?

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Ah trouser presses ....


I was in this hotel in Edinburgh. They put me in room 101, so my reputation had obviously preceded me.... on the wall was a trouser press and underneath it was a particularly greasy stain. Either someone had left half a pound of margarine in their trouser pocket and forgot to take it out before pressing them or someone was trying to make a late night cheese toastie :roll:

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The kitchen's a great place for stupid inventions. I'd like to add the sandwich toaster (at least, once it's been used half a dozen times and most of your toastie ends up stuck to the non-stick finish) and those egg slicer things with the parallel wires - mostly because the one I had was completely out of tune. But there are so many, er, inventive ideas for grating this, dispensing that or whatever that it seems unfair to pick on any of them.


Aren't all mandolins vegetable? - They're mostly wood, and that's not animal or mineral ... :wink:

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Thulecraft fibreglass shetland model boats!!!!



We'll have to disagree on that one.


I have one and it can be kitted out to sail, or you can pop out the stern section and have an instant outboard well. The boat is nice and beamy, it's of a good mould and fairly stable in the water.



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What? :shock: Is du sure du's in da right thread?


The Thulecraft Shetland Model was a superb sea boat! I'd tak een o dem oot in ony wadder, dey could win intae ony peerie trink at you so wished, low maintenance too. Excellent tae row.


The only complaint I'd ever mak aboot dem was dat in aboot da ebby stanes dey wir liable tae get a peerie bit shappit aboot da water line if you wirna careful. :wink:



//edit - quite right Medzi. :)


I just thought o another minor flaw, in coorse wadder dey wir inclined tae ship a peerie grain o water trow da well. If you had da bilge pump closs tae da tiller you were aa right though!

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