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Do you like the term Sheltie?

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Loathe it! It's equally as annoying as "Shetlands". That said, I won't be losing sleep over it, folk will use whatever name they see fit, and there's not much anyone can do about that....


It smacks of outsiders and or/the ignorant unwilling to "lower" themselves to using the widespread and "common" term, so making up a new one for themselves though.... It's "Shetlin", be it peerie dugs, peerie horsis or onything else, what's wrong with using it? "Shetlie" is no shorter, and more of a mouthful, and "Shetlands" is obviously longer than "Shetland", and much longer than "Shetlin", it's making wark for themselves coming up with such un-necessary and pointless terms.


If it has to be shortened, I could live happily with "Hjalti" though. ^^^


Soapbox :arrow:

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How would you feel if someone called you an ......ORCADIAN ... :?


Been called worse I can assure ya :lol:


Hmm Cant say it would bother me really. And you could argue that any of the names I pointed out could be classed as general. Personally I think its just another witless example of the pc brigade.


I mean its not like the N word , its just basically shortning thier countrys name or fiddling about with it. I suppose its all in the context of how it was delivered.


Imagine if you will a pakistani in London saying " look at that f*****g Cockney" ! , Then look at the cockney saying "Look at that f*****g Pakistani !

I think there would be a huge outcry about the later. :?

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^^^ It's travelling in ever decreasing circles though, the problem isn't necessarily the specific word, but the perceived meaning behind it. "Pakistani" has negative connotations to persons of Pakistan origins, due to it being used in racist situations. So what do we have to call then now, so as not to hurt their feelings? Pakistanis? Asians? And what will happen if either of those get used in racist situations, will they be "banned" too? They're heading down the same road as the American Negroes, N***** got put off limits, they became "Blacks", that had to go too and it became "Black Americans", now that's as bad as all the previous, and only "African Americans" will do. The "Red Indians" of my childhood have been a bad word for a while, "Indian" was unacceptable, they were "Native Americans", now as hard core can't deal with that either, they have to be "First Nation".


What happens when you run out of words/terms which are acceptable to the people concerned, don't the rest of us have some rights to continuity and not having to rack your brains every time to try and make sure you're using the "current" term when referring to these people.


Very, very few words in their own right are exclusively racist or exclusively negative to a particular ethnicity/regional people, but many words can be used in racist and/or negative contexts. Seems to me people who complain in this way, have an inferiority complex/chip on their shoulder they'd be wise to lose. Instead of whining and attempting to continually change everyone else's vocabularly, which if anything will only increase racism through resentment, there's a need to accept certain words exist, and probably always will, which in the past have been used in racist/negative contexts against them, but those same words are perfectly capable of being used in a positive and friendly context as well. By all means, they have a right to go after folk who make racist and negative comments, and good luck to them kicking their ass, but the racism and negativity has next to nothing to do with any one specific word, and everything to do with how, when and where it is used.

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