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Where do you shop?  

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  1. 1. Where do you shop?

    • Somerfield
    • Co-op
    • Both
    • Neither

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One time I was in the coop I was buying my weeks shopping asked the person on the check-out could I buy fags with my shopping, she shout to another lass to come over with the fags which in return she throw the fags and conner of the packet hit me in my eye (see smoking can kill). So I just go if I really need to.

I shop between Somerfield and Bolts I find that Somerfields shelf's can be abit bare and sometimes they don't have what your looking for, like today no sponge scrubbers grrrr.

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Guest Anonymous

There is one lady who works on the checkouts in the coop. Can't remember her name but she is great! I always go to her till if I see her. She smiles, chats and helps with the packing. She deserves a medal for great customer service and for maintaining her standards when all those around her have let things slide.

All, and I mean all, the others look as though they are either ill or hungover. Their standard of grooming and personal appearance is appalling. They either ignore you or chat to their pals while they shove your shopping through then sit back and examine their nails while you struggle to pack.

What is needed is a good manager who recognises the contribution of the first lady and puts a bullet up the a**e of the others if they cant get their act together. I worked for Asda in Aberdeen and I can tell you that this sloppy attitude would not hav been tolerated. Customers spend a good proportion of their hard end cash in the supermarket and they deserve to feel that their custom is appreciated.

Somerfied are slightly better in this respect, but their shelves are often empty and impossible to reach because of the boxes/ pallets in the way.

I'm not sure that Tesco or Asda would necessarily be any better. Surely these issues come down to the management of the store in question.

A decent manager would see these problems and sort them out. It doesn't really matter what company he/she works for.

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I did report it but her supervisor saw it any way. I just can believe that she did that because she was in a moody from being asked to do something insed of chatting but im just happy it hit me and missed at the time my newborn baby lying in the pram next 2 me or my other 2 kids. i was so :oops: about it. plus she never said sorry. I used to work at the coop too when i was 15 i never did that or saw it been done.

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My local Co-op used to be staffed by people like the lady Gem mentioned - very friendly service if you don't mind paying a few % extra for the social conscience. Unfortunately, they recently 'refurbished' it, and the other day I stood there for several minutes while a couple of young blokes behind the counter nattered among themselves, apparently untroubled by mere customers.


Mind you, lots of bottles of plonk in there now for the student population ... in fact, it's hard to find much else :(

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