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You need to go to Egypt.


At 7pm it goes dark instantly.


If you are travelling anywhere, eg the Red Sea coast to Luxor, you have to go in an army/police convoy. You join the convoy at various places along the route and follow an official car which drives at 100mph down mostly deserted pitch black roads through the desert.


At this stage everyone turns their car headlamps off. I asked why, thinking it was to hide from bandits or terrorists and was told that it was to save electricity in their car. So they drive about in pitch dark with no lights on at 100mph.


I was terrified!! They all do it too.



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Drivers to be asked to use headlights at all times


It's already second nature to me to snick on the lights before I set off, but what do the people of Shetland think to these new proposals. I think it should perhaps be compulsory from Septamber/October through March/April in Shetland. I can't really see any benefit in the summer months. Perhaps in the summer they could have a cut off point e.g. between 6pm and 9am lights should be used; however, this doesn't take into consideration things like fog, heavy rain, etc. It's got to come down to common sense, and as I mentioned before in this thread, if people aren't prepared to adhere to existing laws then it may be time for new measures.

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I notice a lot of motorcyclists riding around with main beam on. What's that for? More likely to cause an accident than stop one. You have to face it as a biker, car drivers can't see you. It's usually because they are too busy changing the drum and bass track, re-programming the satnav, adjusting the temperature of the leather seats, reading the paper or putting their carpet slippers on :D


I remember reading of a motorcyclist doing an experiment on his morning commute.


He did 1 month riding as normal, and counted how many times he had cars pull out "not seeing him"


He did the next month with his headlights on and a reflective vest..... but the numbers stayed the same.....


The final month nobody cut him up at all...... when we started wearing his police uniform ;-)

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One big contribution to road safety would be if all cars were fitted with something to clearly show if the lights were on or not. Used to be able to tell by the speedo being lit up but so many cars nowadays seem to have the dashboard illuminations on whenever the car is in use.


Agreed. It is surprising how many people I see driving around Lerwick, on my nightly commute home (on foot), driving with their sidelights on, or no lights at all.

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There's no doubt that people should be using lights when the conditions require it, but if you read up on some of the research on the net you'll see the jury is still out on whether there are benefits to using dipped headlights all day.


Reductions seem to come from multi-car junction accidents, but maybe at the cost of more accidents with cars hitting motorbikes, pushbikes and pedestrians, who do not stand out so well if you are just looking for headlights, and that has caused some countries to backtrack on compulsory dipped headlights.


I think I'd rather stay with appropriate lighting than a simple blanket "answer".

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