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Birds, animals and idder beasties


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^Also from same post:

Alamootie = storm petrel (i tink).


And a plucker is a scorpion fish (no sure o specific naem, but right species).



Whit wis da "Coontie Plucker" den? Da auld graundmidder ey uised im ta describe anidder female sho tocht wis bein a propir bae eye tae cae itch, bit I ey redder gaddered hit wis a shortined wye a saein "bein is ill is a Coontie Plucker".

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Onybödy wint wi da term "smokin' laek a plucker"? It laekly sood be reekin' bit I ay heard it said as smokin'.


Da fok doon Cunningsbro' wye ösed tae catch pluckers an pit lowin' fags atil der mooth. Da plucker, fechtin' tae draa braeth, wid reek awa apö da fag.


Onybödy dat, fir want o' a better expreshun, "chain reekit" wis said tae smok laek a plucker.



Onywye, back tae da topic:


mooritoog - red ant

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Sei, as in Sei Whale, is said to be of Scandinavian origin and thought or alledged to refer to a whale that was found around coalfish.


The implication there being a Scandinavian use of Sei, Saithe, Seid, etc.


I hae that in a cetacean book somewhaur, I'll check it later for a more accurate transcription.

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