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Can anyone tell me: does putting "-lie" on the end of a word mean "-like"?


So If "Maa" means gull does "Maalie" (fulmar) originally mean gull-like bird?


If so, if "Aalie" is an animal (lamb) that is tame or being fattened does that mean that the tame/fat/pet lamb is LIKE an "Aa", and if so, what was an "Aa"?  Presumably something else that was tame/fat?


There are two Aa stacks on the west side of Yell, and 2 Aa skerries off Mainland (one S of Skeld, one off S Havera). So presumably an Aa was something that lived or hung out on stacks and skerries - does anyone know what?


Thank you for any help!





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^ Probably not. Maalie is generally thought to come from the Dutch "Mollemok", said to mean "foolish gull".


Can't really comment on the rest, we don't use the word 'aalie', and someone asked about the "Aa" stacks on here before not all that long ago, speculating that possibly they were Great Auk locations at one time, but I can't remember if that discussion every came to anything.

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