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Shetland Place names


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If you look on the map in the link MaxFusion posted, "Da Smaalie" is the name of the valley - "Da sneck o' da smaalie" is the crack in the cliffs in the photos. So what does "sneck" mean? All I am familiar with is "sneck the door" but http://sh.shetlanddictionary.com/index.php?title=Shetland_Words:S


lists a second meaning "notch in a hill" which would apply here...


# sneck = (n) latch, (yun door keeps openin da wye at da sneck is worn)

# sneck = (n) (geographical feature), a notch in a hill used as a mead (da sneck i da hill ower da black skerry)

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A'm nearly sure dat a'm heard sneck ösed athin anidder context, laek, "mak a sneck in yun bit o wid so wi mind whaur it is", i.e., mibbe wi haedna a pencil an' hed tae mak a sneck wi a stanley knife or chisel tae mark a point.


Or it could also mean "cut" (I think) - "sneck aff a bit o'yun rop"?

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^^ Dunna du cum ta da suddert wi yun een, du'll gyt a brawly wheer luik. :wink: "Snick" is whit you duh ta a switch ta pit im on an aff aboot heer.


Sneck is a cut which either totally severs, as in "sneckit ta da bon" (a skinhead haircut), or removes a downward "V" shaped portion.

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^^ I doot dir micht be a grain a nort/sooth divide gyaan at igyen wi yun..... Juist wan thing I need ta ken noo tho, if I come north ower and aks sumeen ta "snick aff yun licht", am I riskin dem giein me a fuil look, ur waur, hae dem cuttin da power cord idda licht whaur he comes doon fae the ruif. :?

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Hmm... :?


sneck v.3 var. of SNICK v.1




snick /snk/ n.2 L18. [f. SNICK v.2] 1 A small cut; a nick, a notch. L18.


snick /snk/ v.2t. L17. [Prob. suggested by snick in SNICK OR SNEE.] 1 Cut or snip (off, out); cut a small notch or make a small incision in (a thing). L17.


snick /snk/ v.3 E19. [imit.] 1 v.t. a Cause to click or sound sharply. E19. b Turn (on, off, etc.) with a clicking noise. E20.


It wid seem tae me dat dis is an Engleesh wird, albeit in mair common use athin Shaetlan.

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Both seem to be perfectly good explanations as to the origin of the name. I'd always thought it was the to do with the oily loom appearance but only because I didn't know that "lom" was norwegian for raingös until Dagfinn's post.

J.Jakobsens 'The Placenames of Shetland' gives this explanation to 'Loomi Shun' (Lumisjøn); "possibly 'lóma-tjørn', from the bird-name 'lómr' (loon)."


It wid seem tae me dat dis is an Engleesh wird, albeit in mair common use athin Shaetlan.

Yes, I can find no Norse equivalence to 'Sneck', so I guess 'Da Sneck o' da Smalie' is a combined Scots-Norn name meaning 'the Cut in the Narrow(valley)'


BTW where is Shalder Geo located? in Northmavine?

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[*** Mod edit - Thread merged with existing one***]



Seemed like the place to ask...


What is a beorg as in the Beorgs of Housetter or Colla Firth? There are others.


Why are some inland bodies of water called lochs and others waters? I was going to say is a loch smaller but then I see there are waters that are smaller than lochs...


And lastly what's a brog, as in Gillgordie Brogs?


Ok, while I'm at it words like Vird and Wells keep popping up as geographical features too...



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