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Supermarket Prices in Shetland

faerie queen

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IS co-op cheaper than somerfield overall, cause I remember when I worked for Scumerfield the propaganda machine would tell us that we're cheaper.


I didn't believe it. Or care.


'The propaganda machine' - typical politics student quote.


Of course I remember being told that too when I also worked there, not to mention that Somerfield's Lerwick branch was supposedly one of the top 10 Somerfield branches in the whole country. Mind you, with the Co-op being the only real competition that was hardly going to be difficult.


But certainly down here in Glasgow I have a branch of each one within walking distance of me - Co-op on George St, Somerfield on Gordon St. I can safely say that Somerfield is still cheaper.


That said, I remember hearing that Somerfield had to put up their prices compared to mainland branches in order to cover shipping costs...

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Seen today in the old swimming pool car park...........a Somerfield "free" home delivery van. Slogan of "you shop---we deliver" reminds me of the service the co-op offered a few years ago but as a pedestrian I will certainly be using it if they do offer that service from the Lerwick store.

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Unless they were really bad businesspersons I coodna see that happening. Surely the ferry and fuel would cost them the exact same, so not only would they charge you for that they'd also charge you for the service.


Travel costs+service


as opposed to you yourself having to simply pay travel costs at the expense of your time.


Well who knows really, just need to wait and see what they say.

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Don't get your hopes up too high. That "you shop--we deliver" slogan sounds like the idea the Co-op had where you go into the store, shop, queue at the checkouts, pay for your goods and then have them delivered.......but only in the Town or Scalloway.


So far as I could tell the Co-op was delivering shopping for its own customers who might otherwise have used a taxi so it did not win them new customers.

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Free-range medium eggs in the Lerwick CO-OP cost around £1.69 until recently!! Now they have gone up to £2.15.. The Brae store has went one further and pushed the price up to £2.59!!

Brae CO-OP is a law unto itself...And is getting away with daylight robbery.. They don't even stock any of their own and cheaper brands. And when they reduce stuff... you can laugh... Meat browner than brown.. a few pence cheaper.. a wilted loaf.. the same..

We are being robbed blind by the CO-OP and Somerfield... Bring in the Multi-Nationals... aka Tesco and Asda.... And when we shop we can at least get decent, cheap clothing too!!

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As a Shetlander who lives down in Mordor (Aberdeen) after my annual visit in August I have to say that Somerfield's prices are the same as the stores in Aberdeen apart from


Bakery items


and assorted junk food that comes in frozen form


The problem Shetland has is with the population being what 27k a large chain like ASDA or Tesco won't open a large store and the only thing worse than a Somerfield is a small Tesco with exorbitant prices and sausage all parking. That being said they opened a reasonably sized one in Westhill last year which is half the size of their usual stores and its been a roaring success even though prices are on average 5% higher than the store at Persley only 6 miles away. People will pay a premium for convenience but not if the chains take the piss.


To anyone who runs a shop in Lerwick, how would you feel if Tesco or Asda got into the isles because once they do all the electrical, music and clothes shops would lose trade.

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