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De populate Foula Now

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When visiting Foula for the first time i was completely blown away(pardon the pun) by the beauty and extremity of the place, it is absolutely beautiful (apart from some of the junk lying around) and when confronting a long term foula resident with the fact that he was living in a peerie paradise and why did they keep it to themselves and not promote it to the touries a bit more he wisely replied, that i had already answered the question; It is a peerie paradise because they keep it to themselves.


They could look after their generator, windmill, hydro plant a wee bit better though, i've heard some stories..... :wink:

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They could look after their generator, windmill, hydro plant a wee bit better though

I'm no sure if du keens this or no, but the windmill on Foula was a kindo innovation at the time. It was pit their on a kind of trial basis, and used as part of thier power supply. Unfortunately, they recieved absolutely no help with it after it was erected. It was left to one resident with the expertise tae keep it ticking ower. He did as good a job as he could on what was basically a full time job just tae keep it working. As far as I keen, there is no one on Foula right noo who's job it is to look after all the plant (he's no there anymore), but I might be wrong. Anybody keen?


Just realised this soonds a bit bitchey, it's not meant tae be at all..... infact, sweeties fir everybody!

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Is Foula not inevitably, if unintentionally, depopulating itself?


Notwithstanding that I don't have any facts and figures to hand, nor have I ever been there, (Ah'm glowered id'a side o' im plenty whin hit wis clear inoch tho, whar he lies ihpuh his bak id'a nor wast), I can only speak from the impressions I have formed from a variety of sources.


The population was around 30 least I heard, and seemed to me to be weighted towards the middle aged/elderly/aged. There seemed to be few (relative to the popuation as a whole) under 40's, and a most of those who were, were relatively closely related. Unless there are an influx of transplants and/or a significant number of those with Foula connections who return to stay within the next 10-20 years, the population has to fall to half or less of it's current levels, most of which will be relatively closely related to each other. Can Foula survive as essentially a one family residence?

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