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I don't particularly mind. Several people here know who I am; I even posted pictures of my old house a while back!


I don't think I've said anything I wouldn't say face-to-face; not that the things I say face-to-face are always the best. :roll:



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For me I have used this name for years online.. every character I make in online games/forums is Twerto or a variation there of ( twertrina is my feminine alterego :P ) so most people that know me in real life know me as this as well. To the point some use it as my nickname.


There is someone who browses this forum but doesnt post much.. that knew who i was.. just by the way i worded my posts, as i type how i speak kinda thing.. and yes i do speak gobbledygook :D or Twertish as it has come to be known in a few online communities :P


So for me I am me weather under my real name or my online name.

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