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What is Shetland missing?

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Its a very good question. A question oft asked to the younger generation who claim there is nothing to do.


Well, my experience of being at university is that, while yes, it is great to get out of Shetland and see the world and have experience of living elsewhere, am I out right now seeing a Movie? Ice Skating? Bowling? Seeing a band? No. I'm sitting at my computer, like I do when I'm home.


Just because the opportunity is here doesn't mean you'll always take it. One can demand such things as a new cinema & bowling venue but will it be used every waking moment? No. More things to do is great sure but I don't know if people would use them in Shetland.


I've always found that the things that are missing in Shetland are good weather in the evenings. Its cold, it rains, its dark. If the evenings were better then people wouldn't complain about having nothing to do because you could go outside and have fun and stuff.


A guess good weather is what we're missing. Especially this year.

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I think we are needing a more reliable pulic transport system to the rural areas. At present if I want to go to town (only place the bus goes ) I have to drive 3 miles to the road to catch the bus. There is a link at 8am and back at 6pm which means you have to be in town all day. I'm not moaning about it but I would like to do my bit for the environment ( by using my car less ) and at present I can't.


I would also like a cinema. I regularly go to the Garrison and thouroughly enjoy being able to see films on the big screen.

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A Tescos

A Cinema

A Music venue

A Mall

A Nuclear Power Station

A Ferry Link with Norway/America/Jamaica/Australia/New Zealand/Canada/Columbia.

An Air Link with ^^

A Teleportation Device to ^^

A Time Machine

A Climate Controlling Device

A Petrol Station with Cheap Fuel

A Dutch Coffee House

An Employment Industry that lets their employees off when it is +17 degrees outside

A Ski Slope

A Continuous Bus service to the west side

A Race track ( Horse and Greyhound )

A Shortage of Emoticons on their local forum

A National Service Scheme

An Endless list of what Shetland doesn't have

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A mountain.


I really, really wish Shetland had a mountain. One of those proper, big mountains with forested slopes and a mist shrouded, snow capped peak that captured the glow of the setting sun (when not mistshrouded, obviously) and generally dominated the landscape.

You could look at it, climb up it, ski down it, tak meads on it, maybe even have a big hydro electric scheme on/in it and negate the need for unpopular windmill schemes.


Yep, my vote is for a mountain (although I might settle for a mildly active volcano.)

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