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Home International 2008.


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I can't see any harm in it. Better than going all the way to Japan for the Kirin cup. At least fans can go to the games if its in the British Isles. And if some players like Ferguson, Brown, Hutton and McManus are needing a rest after a long hard season then grant them it and call up some guys that don't get a chance too often.

Although I do agree with your point that without England then it means it will be less competitive.

I think they should have signed up, watching the Croatia game it looked like they need as much practice as they can get!

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I see it as a perfect opportunity to get some international experience for our younger players (IE John Fleck, Steven Naismith)


We need to keep up a good youth team if we want a future good senior team.


Just like last week when the "B" team played Ireland at Airdrie.


Lot, fat, that, good - make a sentence outa that.

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