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The Rangers & Celtic thread.


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Spoke to a couple of me mates on the phone, both celtic supporters and both said rangers played them off the park and that celtic lost the plot hence the number of bookings. Will have to wait till I see the game myself before crowing too loudly.

Unlike their team at least they know how to lose graciously

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Alan McGregor was man of the match. If it wasn't for him Celtic would've won easy.


I'm sorry, but that's tosh. Yes, two good saves from McDonald early on and Donati's header, but Gers ran the show (Barry and Hutton in particular), and could have easily been alot more - McCulloch's goal in injury time was never offside, and there was a handball in the 2nd half that could have easily been given for a penalty 8)

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If the the goal in injury time had been allowed and the penalty given and scored Rangers would be top of the league.

If I was a paranoid I Would be saying the ref was biased against Rangers

I mean come on 9 bookings and not one celtic player sent off.

The ref was probably strugling for excuses not to book them :wink:

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^ Moorit you are a class act - what a sense of humour!

The match I watched involved a good 50-50 contest with Rangers taking their chances very well and competing better for every 50-50 or 60-40 ball and winning most of them. As for the bookings tally I have to agree that the ref was struggling not to 'send off a Celt' - late in second half after Rangers 26 pass move had ended with Barry F being hauled back by John Kennedy the ref had to check his book to see he had already booked him, and then gave him the final warning and kept the red in his pocket!

Big fine for the booking tally i think.

As for Boruc - nut job.


MotM - Barry Ferguson by a country mile with Hutton no far behind

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