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Shaetlan Wird o' Da Day


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I've always associated pleepsin wi moanin' or mibbe mair whinin'/whingin'




A'm heard baith o dis wirds ösed fir sharn (as baith verb an' noun), bit I tink at da latter is mibbe ösed mair as an expreshun o' disgust--a bit laek gyadge. Or mibbe it varies fae pareesh tae pareesh. Could teesh be da past tense. Onybödy :?:

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Pluit an Pleepse is kinda similar in meanin, I wid a tocht. Pleepse, ta me, means somethin da sam as 'whine' or 'whinge', an da adjective, Pleepsit, means 'self pitying', 'whinging' or somethin laek dat.


(BTW - not da differ atween da adjective, pleepsIT an da past participle pleepsED. 'Ertie wis juist pleepsIT - he pleepsED da hael time. )


I tink at Pluit means somethin da sam. Hereaboot in Scotland, 'greet' gits dis sense tui, but in Shaetlan, for aa at I'm ever heard, 'greet' juist means ta greet! Dat is, ta shed taers, wi nae sense o tinkin ill aboot yoursel parteecularly. Pleepse an Pluit can cover dat idder meanin.


Or maybe Pluit haes da sense o 'complain' mair as Pleepse duis?

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Pluit as I've heard it used puts the emphasis on complaining, usually in a restrained but incessant way, particularly in the sense that the pluiter has been hard done by. Its similar to someone "makin maen", the main difference being that "makin maen" tends to include an element of self-pitying.


Pleepse takes in a far broader meaning, its only common ground with pluit being that it is usually a negative oratory of some sort, but it can be termed pleepsin for numerous reasons, including the fact while it may well be a truthful description and have validity, it is simply on a subject matter a listener has no interest in or considers irrelevant.


I could validly say, "I wiss I cud gyeen furt für a pint an no hae ta listen ta aw dis eens pleesin on aboot dir fitbaw".

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Guest Anonymous

^^^^ An dan dey pluits an greet whan dey dunna win. :wink:

Da warst wi fitba isna da gyem itsel. I kinda laek a 90 meenit gyem, bit I canna siffer da wye dat dey chow da cud ower aa dat guid wrang.



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ah'm heard o skyldereen bein da silver coatin on da back o a mirror.


I grew up wi skyilderin (probably different wird) bein a high screekh dat young bairn's ir particularly good at, e.g. 'whet skyilderin!' bein a no unusual maternal admonition on a simmer day.

A'm never heard o grown-ups skyilderin, hit only seems ta apply ta bairns, in da sam wy as you never hear o weemin 'brölin', which seems only ta be men an' bulls. Funny dat.

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