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Social Benefits


more down and outs in Shetland?  

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  1. 1. more down and outs in Shetland?

    • Yes, more coming off the ferry
    • No, just about the same

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I have been hearing a lot of rumors that more and more down and outs are comeing to Shetland to sponge money on benefits. Also that they (the down and outs) are being tipped off about the big benefits they can get if they come to Shetland. I would like to know if the rumors are true and if so why do they get more here than they would get south.

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Seems illogical to me. Unemployment benefit is the same throughout the UK. You would be better going to a big city where you can get really fresh veg and better offers in the supermarket than paying over the odds in Shetland.


big city means more unemployed and a lack of resources to deal with them all.

You wont find anyone sleeping on the street here because the council will house them as soon as they come of the boat.

then a quick trip to the doctor and tell him how depressed you are and free drugs, plus a fair bit extra on your social payments because you are now unfit to work due to illness.

In theory you could get this all down south also but practice is a different matter

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^^^ The perception, rightly or wrongly, exists in certain circles that the various housing, benefits, social services, Police etc up here are a far softer touch than in most cities. Or, to put it another way, a quick line in sprootle that would be seen through and get them kicked in to touch in most cities, is accepted here, making pretty much whatever can be had their's for the "asking". Whether that is the case in reality or not, I really wouldn't know, but the belief that it is, for whatever reason is a longstanding and strong one.


Whether the "problem" is getting worse, or better, or whatever, is difficult to say. It's waxed and waned many times over the last 30 years or so, they were tumbling off the Clair and rolling in to the first pub they could find, and then mostly being dragged back aboard near comatose by the Police for the next sailing south, as far back as the late 70's. I doubt it's any worse now than it was then, but compared to the more recent past, and whether we're attracting more, less, or the same right now, I guess only an analysis of who's signing on with the DSS could say for sure.

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The rates of benefit are the same sooth as here. I personally don't know if shetland is experiencing any more " scroungers" coming off the boat than normal but I do know folk sooth who know how to milk the system and get big benefit payouts. The folk I know have got the incapacity and disability benefits and they are big weekly amounts.

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Probably less, as Wheesht says. Our culture's changed quite markedly over the last couple of decades. It's always easy to associate this with incomers, particularly when you live on an island, but I don't think Shetland's trends are any worse than the rest of the country. On the contrary, it's probably better.


Why is it assumed that "down and outs" claiming benefits all come from Sooth.

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