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Reading Online Newspaper vs Paper Newspaper

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Hi all,


Just been pondering on a dilemma I've been having and wondering other peoples thoughts/traits. I like to read da papers but i'm beginning to wonder whether I should move to reading off the net - rather than buying the paper. Two reasons I suppose fir doing so - its more environmentally friendly and also cheaper. But on the cons side I don't find it too easy to read from a computer screen all day - especially since I work at a computer desk all day. Anybody aware of any research into excessive computer use?


Does any one here prefer online versus paper?


Also does anyone know why the local council does not recycle newspapers? Or do they, and I'm just ignorant of it?!

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I read the Scotsman online regularly but I also buy it every day. The online version has the addition of comments to many stories but some articles are only available on payment of a subscription. I usually read some online articles in the morning before I buy the paper but I still prefer thre paper version. However its handy to have the online version when for some reason I can't buy a paper

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^^^ :lol:


You know, it's actually quite funny that this topic appeared, because for my latest assignment at uni (I'm at Strathclyde doing English with Journalism and Creative Writing) we were given two essay questions - only having to answer one, of course. The second question was debating the future of the newspaper.


Personally I quite enjoy just having a paper to read. I mean, in my case it's usually cheaper for me to just go online and read the news because my internet access is free, plus my TV licence is paid-for by the uni (I'm still in halls for 2nd year) and we have Freeview, so I can get BBC News 24.


That said, I guess I prefer having a newspaper around. When you've actually purchased the thing, you can have it lying around and it's very easily accessible after that. A number of broadsheets also have supplements with them, adding value for money.


That's just my two cents I suppose, though.

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I think newspapers will continue to thrive until Electronic Paper or E-Ink is developed to a stage where it is cheap and practical. Prototypes have been developed that mimic paper. It can be easily rolled up and has a similar look and ease to read as a newspaper. The advantage being that it would download all your news feeds for you and then you can read yor very own personal newspaper.


Problem at the moment is that it isn't a reliable technology and is still very expensive. As with everything else it will come down in cost over time as manufacturing becomes more reliable and a market starts to appear for it.


You will still be able to wipe yer bum with it but it might smear a bit.

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