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Bullying in Shetland Schools

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Guest Anonymous

I would like to here from other parents about the bullying in the shools in shetland our school in UNST seems to have a very laid back attitude about their bullying policies it is a well known fact in the community that bullying happens all the time and it seems to be acceptable in school AND THE TEACHERS DO NOTHING ABOUT IT SO I HAVE TOOK THE LAW INTO MY OWN HANDS AND APPROACHED THE PARENTS AND NOW I AM THE NEIGHBOUR FROM HELL IS THIS UNFAIR MY NAME IS HOWIE

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When i was at school bullying was just normal, you got bullied by the older bairns and then you did the same when you were older. It was like a pecking order. I saw nothing wrong with it at the time as it just seemed like the natural order of things. I was never in the hostel but mind hearing fae da boys there that it was just the same there.


I think bulling is just somthing inbuilt in humans like a pact mentality. Strong at the top and weak at the bottom.


Must be horrible if it goes on the whole time though and if it is very extream.

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Did you contact the headteacher about the problem? They should have attempted to stop the problem and contacted the parents of the bullying child if required. Without knowing all the facts it is very difficult to comment.


I see that Baltasound Junior High has a Anti-Bullying Policy that can be downloaded here.


It might also be worth taking a look at the Anti-Bullying Network website (Also linked to from the Baltasound JH School website). They might be able to help point you in the right direction if further action is required.

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I was bullied at school and, I'm ashamed to say, probably unthinkingly bullied others myself. That's not to say that I decided "I'm going to bully that person", it just didn't really occur to me that jokes which appeared to be funny to me weren't funny for others.


Kids will give each other a hard time though, seems to be the way of it. Not that this excuses anything, but it is important to remember that children are not as socially competent as adults might expect them to be.


Also, there are different things that could be classified as 'bullying' and everyone has a different idea about what defines it. Bullying can be taken to different degrees. What was meant as a little light joshing could be perceived by the recipient as 'bullying'; it is less serious than having an entire group physically gang-up on someone, however.


Nobody should suffer being bullied, but not everyone who bullies is deliberately and maliciously doing so; it's not always sinister and calculated, sometimes kids are just unthinking about others' feelings.

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