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Dependance on nothing . . . you, as a non-smoker, could now be dropped on a desert island with fruit, water and fish aplenty and survive very happily.


A smoker could not 8)


This is the basic reason I stopped smoking 13 years ago (I was 5 at the time :!: ). When I realised I was going out in the middle of the night for a fix come what may, I saw this as a real chain round my neck dictating far too many of my movements. When I thought about it, I knew that if I found myself stranded somewhere with nothing at all with me, the first thing I would be desperate to find would be tobacco, long before food, drink or even somewhere to stay. I saw that as more of a dictator than an enhancement to my leisure.


Having said that, you may be shocked to hear that I started smoking again about 9 months ago (that long? :oops: ).


The snag is, I'm a bit of a punk at heart, and this whole new anti-smoking legislation reduces feeling like a smoker akin to Jimmy Dean, subversion, anarchy and doing what you want anyway never mind the stoness. . .


. . . ah the glory days...

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