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I see that someone has been refused entry to a local service bus due to lack of space (to many tourists).

As a regular bus user, I have had to stand more than a few times.  OK, this is not really an issue travelling between Lerwick and Scalloway, but it must be a right pain on longer routes.

It's bad enough when there are a couple of young lasses with prams, shopping etc.

Then there are the seat hogs who seem to think that they can rightously occupy two seats just for their shopping, and to hell with everyone else.

Maybe the drivers could be a little more proactive but, I have no idea what the solution is.

Any suggestions?




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for the kids bus during the covid they had 2 busses running with each other. perhaps a similar system could be done, have a small bus on standby. when a bus is full, the driver will let the depo know where he was when he reached the limit of passengers and this smaller bus is deployed out to that stop and onward.
perhaps a bit of tweaking needed but something like that?

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