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Because " Mary " is a real person who puts everything she can and more into her business....

I know Urabug , its going to have to come to somthing soon , most of us are paying almost a mortgage in fuel costs per month now , just to get to work. Its bloody ridiculous.

Leasks is cheaper.

the yanks are worried that the price might reach $3/gallon still a lot less than 50p/litre, We are certainly paying way too much for our fuel. Even HIGH TAX Norway is cheaper than here.

I don't think blockades are going to do any long term good voting these buggers out will make some odds but not enough as the next lot will never reduce that amount of revenue as they can blame the previous government for inflicting it on us in the first place.

what we could hope for is a few pence off the tax and a freeze on any increases. but considering the country is drowning in debt I doubt if any chancellor will be able to reduce the tax rate by much.

Hard times are ahead. the richest folk in the countries money is safely out of reach of the tax man so the rest of us are going to have to pick up the bill for the fiscal balls up that is the legacy of G.B. and T.B.

these hardships will only be felt when we have a government willing to face reality and stop the borrowing and starts repaying the monstrous debt that has been built up entirely by this administration. I for one would bring charges of fraud against the lot of them for what would be considered criminal accounting if it was to have taken place in a PLC

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Well said SS, Not only should they face charges for financially destroying/bankrupting the country, but also taking us into an illegal war based on a lie, which has killed more than a million people, and trading the lives of our own solders in exchange solely for some sort of greedy warped political gain. If there was a hell, they would for sure, have one way first class tickets.


I cant understand why people are not outraged :shock: I think most people now are probably too numb to care.


Btw, have any of you taken any steps to protect your cash? I think the next few years are going to be extremely tough for our currency and financial system, I would not be surprised if we see a fair few banks toppling.

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I think the next few years are going to be extremely tough for our currency and financial system, I would not be surprised if we see a fair few banks toppling.

Mmm, and that particular form of gambling is alleged to be about 70% of the UK's wealth nowadays ... and we seem to have forgotten how to manufacture anything anymore ... I wouldn't be surprised either, and it's not a pretty thought.

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I am disgusted at the price of fuel at the moment, i even noticed that the fuel in cunningsburgh was cheaper than lerick! how much is america paying per litre?? 50p?? hellish. what can be done about this? road blockages like in the 90's??


You could blockade sullom but you'd be wasting your time. The fuel problem isn't just a supply issue it's been made an environmental one by all the greenies pressurising the government into carbon emissions levels. So lowering the cost of fuel and making it easier to drive our cars would go against the grain and have all the weirdy beardies camped outside Downing street burning effigies of Jeremy Clarkson.


It's only going to get worse in the long term they want to price the majority out of using their cars or make it so inconvenient that you'd be easier taking the bus, which is fine in the city but not so easy in the ass end of of Shetland.

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^couldn't agree more. I only drive out of necessity--it's not like I enjoy it or anything. Most days I take the trolleybus or walk. It's the obvious way ahead.


When it hits -30 in January/February, then I'm inclined to take the car.



[edit]I love driving in Shetland; the scenery is majestic to say the least, but I have the good fortune of reliable public transport here[/edit]

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