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Because " Mary " is a real person who puts everything she can and more into her business....

I know Urabug , its going to have to come to somthing soon , most of us are paying almost a mortgage in fuel costs per month now , just to get to work. Its bloody ridiculous.

Leasks is cheaper.

Do you have to modify your car in any way to run on vegtable oil?


yes and no.


Its quite a long winded story, however the basic idea is that if you want to run a mix, say 30% oil and 70% diesel then you should get away with this in *most* vehicles - any more and you will need a seperate tank with heaters(to lower the oils viscosity) - so you start the car on normal diesel then when the oil is up to temperature, switch tanks, then switch back to diesel before you stop to purge the system.


with the growing price of oil its becoming pointless to do the conversion, much like LPG has become, unless you do many many miles to recoup the cost.

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My car holds over 60 litres and the last day I fill it up

I had just got over 30 litres in the tank when a sudden noise made me look a way from the pump. When I looked back at the pump I would swear the price had gone up by another penny for the price of litre. But they’re again maybe it was just my imagination playing tricks on me. But the way the price of fuel has been going up every day. I’m now more than convinced that I did see it.

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It seems the rate of increase is approx 2 pence per fortnight, does any one know the rate down sooth??


Its about the same rate at the moment, but the price of fuel in Shetland seems to run about 10-13% higher than on the mainland, based on Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Inverness. I got fuel in Edinburgh this morning and it was 114.9ppl, but a bit further along the road it was 112.9ppl.

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