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Fuel Prices


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The main reasons this time are the ongoing tensions with Iran over the threat to block the Strait of Hormuz, also Nigeria.


Brent crude stands at $113.33 per barrel a rise today of 1.60%


Natural gas on the other hand was down today by 1.53%.


Experts reckon on $200 a barrel if Iran blocks the Strait, no doubt if / when by this time we will be on the verge of war with Iran.


BOOM goe's the whole Midddle East :roll:

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Diesel is more exoensive than petrol in the UK supposedly due to the lack of diesel refining sites.


On continental Europe diesel is much cheaper than petrol.


A haulier speaking on Radio 4 yesterday said when his trucks are in Luxembourg they fill with diesel costing 85p per litre :wink:


When diesel gos up by a penny in this country, his fuel bill gos up by £700 per week !!

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