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Fuel Prices


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So the fuel prices in Shetland seem to have dropped over the last couple of days, a few days ago when I last checked the difference between Shetland prices and Aberdeen prices there was a 17p difference in Diesel and 18p in Unleaded, and as of today the prices are:


Unleaded at Leasks is 140.9 and at Morrisons in Aberdeen it is 130.9 which is now a 10p difference




Diesel at Leasks is 147.9 and at Asda Bridge of Dee in Aberdeen it is 138.7 which is now a 9.2p difference


What do you think is the cause for this reduction? Is it the impending investigation into the high price? Is it the 5p reduction in duty being applied early as a couple of outlets did?


Is our fuel price now fair? Will it stay this difference for long or will it slowely creep up o 18p again within a short space of time?

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When it's the same price here as sooth, then it will be fair.


Don't forget down sooth people can use supermarket stations and get further reductions.

Spend £50 at Tesco and get another 10pence a litre off.



I wouldn't say no to that, if it applied up here. Sadly it's only ever going to be a dream - :(

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Can someone from Highland Fuel or anyone for that matter ... explain why Petrol and Diesel prices in Shetland are the same 150.9 - 152.9 ... When on the Scottish mainland there remains a 4 - 8 pence per litre difference between Petrol and Diesel..... Or is this just another rip off by the Garages, due to the delivery drivers strike that may never happen.

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