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Fuel Prices


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Hi Folks,


For those who don't know I run the Voe shop.


Since the 5p Derogation was introduced all we have done in terms of fuel pricing is to round up the fuel cost price to the nearest whole pence and charge (essentially) cost price. With only one or two exceptions where we've added perhaps 1p, today however the prices have increased to such a level that we can no longer survive on the 5p derogation and we have had to impose an additional margin on a permanent basis.


These constant increases have got to stop - something has to be done. Shetlanders need to act (sooth moothers like me included). I guess my question is do folk here care enough to actually DO something or do we just like blowing off steam?!


For your interest here are the wholesale prices given to me today:


Diesel (Quantity of 3000 litres) 126.3p/per litre + VAT = 151.56p/per litre

Petrol (Quantity of 4800 litres) 121.4p/per litre = VAT = 145.68p/per litre


It is not just the suppliers who are at fault, the government are taking a MASSIVE percentage of the price we all pay at the pump and they surely cannot justify this any longer.


If the 5p derogation did not exist the prices (wholesale) could be said to be 156.56p/litre and 150.68/litre which is far in excess of the differential that Sam Chambers of Scottish Fuels indicated should exist between here and 'some' other retailers south.


Why am I telling you all this - well I'm fed up with ever increasing, never decreasing costs from fuel suppliers!



Fuel rip-off resumes as Scottish Fuels and Highland Fuels sneakily conspire to push up prices again

See link http://maciverblog.co.uk/2013/02/19/fuel-rip-off-resumes-as-scottish-fuels-and-highland-fuels-sneakily-conspire-to-push-up-prices-again/

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I've noticed fuel prices creeping up in Lerwick(not sure about country prices) over the last couple of weeks again! WTF is going on? Has the price of a barrel gone up again? Has it been all quiet on the fuel front so suppliers have decided to increase?


Mods - Apologies, even with the search bar I couldn't find the current fuel thread.

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You can keep track of changes in the oil price on the BBC News page:


Go to BBC News - Home


Click on the Business tab, then the Market Data -> Commodities and you'll get the graph of oil prices at the top. Change the graph x-axis to 12 months and you can see what's happening:




... and it looks like prices have been pretty steady for the last month or so at around $105/barrel after a fall from the winter high of around $115/barrel.

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Paid £144.9 on the road going north of Lerwick. Back in Aberdeen £138.9, so now only 6 p difference for Diesel. Last time we visited it was 20p difference. How long has it been around the £1.45 mark?


It will be 11p dearer as Shetland receives the governments 5p subsidy or what ever its called!


Considering it is only supposed to cost 1p extra per litre to get fuel here, you have to wonder where the extra 10p goes :shock:

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I see, according to the news, that the OFT has decided not to continue with its investigation into the extortionate fuel prices in Shetland. This is nothing other than a blooming disgrace.


Watch our fuel prices creep up again now that the suppliers are off the hook. When they can justify the difference between the cost south and cost here, allowing for the extra to get fuel to Shetland, I will eat my hat! Until then we have no alternative but to be seen for mugs every time we fill up.

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Interesting that Shetland is just a stop on the fuel tanker’s delivery route and that Lerwick does not have any berthing charges that should make the pump price higher.

Distance from Scottish fuels to the main pumps in da toon is probably all under a mile.

If you start phoning both Scottish Fuels and Highland Fuels other depots in the mainland (compared with Shetland) for both road fuel bulk prices and heating oil, a young pupil could figure out there is something not quite right.

Seems the OFT maybe don’t want to look too hard.

Tesco can bottle and transport and sell their 2 litre bottles of water for 17p, or 8.5p per litre, so why they need many times more than this to take up in a bulk ship- even after the government subsidies would need to be clarified.

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