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Should drugs be legalised?

Should drugs be legalised?  

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  1. 1. Should drugs be legalised?

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    • No
    • Its not a yes/no question
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Just because you are doing something in your own bit of personal space. Does not me that it’s not a stupid thing to do.









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Not to go completely off topic ... *cough* .... but what does the above photos have to do with the thread in question?



Sorry Trout this mite not help ether. I was implying that legalising drugs. Is a stupid thing to do? Just as the penguins were about to do some thing stupid as well. The Pic is open to interruption so live with it, as some have to do with drug ridden morons. After all one does not know if some of the Cabinet Ministers who voted to go to war, was not high on something. If delusion of grandeur was a drug. The whole of number 10 would be high on it.

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The only thing I know about Klingons is when I’m constipated. But you definitely seem to be living on another planet if you want to legalise drugs


Well I knew Shetland was a lot of things but another planet? Because looking at the poll at the moment most folk want it legalised, so seems the majority of us must be on another planet

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^ For all I know the 24 people who voted in this poll may well have been sniffing glue for two or three hours before they voted ?.As for polls 30 years of political polls have made polling data a joke. I have never met anybody who believes the results of any poll ever published


(*** mod edit - excess quoting removed ***)

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It is true that the poll results are very likely to be inaccurate; the poll does not reflect the changing opinions as the debate progresses, for example.


However, Para Handy, what's not true is that anyone who disagrees with your viewpoint is an idiot. Many very intelligent people have provided excellent arguments which show your position to be flawed, and you have not countered these at all.


Avoid flinging insults please, and try to argue your position without recourse to rudeness and tabloid tag-lines.


Judging by your stance, I'm guessing that you are a tea-totaller, Para Handy. Is this assumption correct?

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Anyway, lets get back to the matter in hand.


As drugs are illegal and carry heavy penalties, users tend to show signs of dishonest behaviour; lying stealing, etc. The drug is not the root of this problem, but more the legal situation. In a society where drugs are legal, users will be able to face their problems and seek any necessary help.


Another advantageous by-product of the legalisation of drugs would be the ability to put some plants to good use - namely cannabis - and ensure the future of our forests.


There has already been many good points made on this thread stating why drugs should be legalised, and I feel to comment further I would be repeating a lot of them.


I'll add this link (and comment), which I previously posted in the "Drugs in Shetland" thread, as I think it may be more appropriate here -



I found this link about the Swiss heroin prescription program. It proves interesting reading and to my mind provides evidence for the case for legalisation. It's a step in the right direction, but I think if this system were to be fully adopted (ie. legalisation and quality control), then the crime rate would fall (as is proven to some extent here), and suppliers would be eliminated.




Here's an excerpt from the text:


The Swiss heroin prescription program was targeted at hard-core drug users with very well established heroin habits. These people were heavily engaged in both drug dealing and other forms of crime.They also served as a link between importers, few of whom were Swiss, and the — primarily Swiss — users. As these hard-core users found a steady, legal means for addressing their addiction, they re-duced their illicit drug use. This reduced their need to deal in heroin and engage in other criminal activities. Thus, the program had three effects on the drug market:


•It substantially reduced the consumption among the heaviest users, and this reduction in demand affected the viability of the market.


• It reduced levels of other criminal activity associated with the market.


•By removing local addicts and dealers, Swiss casual users found it difficult to make contact with sellers.

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I don't think its a case of just legalising all drugs. Now I'm all for legalising Cannabis, but think that legalising narcotics like Heroin, Crack and Crystal Meth, might help things in the short term, but the problems that come with them shall remain.


OK Cannabis, in my opinion should be legalised. Why? Because People who can't get cannabis at the moment, are turning to other, harder drugs to compensate. I believe that if the police would try harder to catch the Heroin traffickers, instead of taking the easy option and targeting hashish growers, it would be better for the Isles, indeed the entire country. Folk are much more likely to be violent and abusive on alcohol, than when they are sitting stoned in their living room.


I don't however think that Heroin, Crack, etc... should be legalised. It may help the death toll (which is rising alarmingly) drop, even cease, but its still going to be highly addictive. What this simply means is that, though it'll be safer, some folk will still have to resort to theft or other criminal activities to fund their habits (as I hardly think Gordon Brown will let the new Chancellor of the exchequer pay for us all to get high).

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