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Should drugs be legalised?

Should drugs be legalised?  

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  1. 1. Should drugs be legalised?

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Who Deek or SP ?? :twisted:


:lol: I meant the Jackson boy.


You are the exact reason this planet should be destroyed. Simple, narrow-minded people with great prospects as a slave.

Irrelevant of whether you think he's a "knob".

Its the subject matter which you should be commenting on.


Check out his website http://www.fknnews.com


Your a moron if you don't get it!!!


Do some research and find out if Deek was lying. Whats wrong with putting his video on Youtube. How else would his message get to the masses.


:shock: :lol: Well, not sure where to start with this one..... rarely have I ever read such a brilliant over reaction so someone elses opinion! :D


So because I don't like "Deek" (whoever he may be) Jackson means that the planet should be destroyed...... superb stuff :lol:


For the record I am neither simple nor narrow minded, nor yet do I have "great prospects as a slave", although I would love to know how you came to such a deduction from a five word sentence.


Regarding the suject matter, I would be quite happy to discuss that, unfortunately I was unable to watch/listen to the fellow for more than 30seconds before becoming so irritated by him I had to switch it off!

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the statistics cannot be fairly compared, however NaturalNews's stance is that conventional medicine is still one of the top causes of death in the United States. Specifically, information obtained by Death by Medicine shows that an estimated 106,000 people die from adverse drug effects -- from properly prescribed drugs -- every year

from http://www.naturalnews.com/021206.html



deek is totally annoying in his delivery! could hardly watch it because of that..

but you just have to look around a wee bit to see what he's talking about.

He does actually make some very good points


now where was that nursey that was telling me Doctors were Qualified

there is plenty of medication used that is both addictive and dangerous. That is why it is prescribed by a doctor who is usually prescribing it for a reason

I've been on the recieving end of a Doctor that "thought I mite be alergic to these pills but tried them anyway" attitude, lucky for me I didn't die and was just projectile vomiting for several hours non stop. Not the nicest way for a five year old to learn to trust doctors.....

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^^ So you are one of these people who would rather form judgements on general hearsay than facts or personal experiences?


I have never used drugs. Except for ones that has been prescribed for me over the years. But I have seen a lot of poopholes who have used them over the years. And there is nothing any one has ever said in the past 30 years that would make me change my mind. That also includes drink. Before some one rushes in to point that out

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I'm not making comments on your opinions as everyone is entitled to their own views, but that said you have inadvertently highlighted one of the major issues around the persona of drugs.


Due to the fact it is illegal you will always just see the aholeeos that are involved in the "scene" the majority of these aholeeos would be aholeeos weather they partook in drugs or not ( in my opinion ) due to the fact there is a law saying you can not use these drugs in a recreational manor you never see or hear about the 1000's of people that do still use them and still get on with life like those who don't partake/ Instead they enjoy the drug/drugs for what they are and don't abuse the drug.


I'm not saying that drugs are 100% innocent but nothing is when it is abused.

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I understand that you think drugs are harmful to individuals and society as a whole, and that's fair enough, that's your viewpoint and a realistic one at that.


All I might ask is how do you think prohibition helps to alleviate the problem? Do you think drug use and drug related crime are on the decline under the current laws? If not, what do you think would be an acceptable solution?


...and please don't come out with that throw them off a cliff or lock them up and throw away the key type comments


I'd be genuinely interested to hear how you think the problem could be eased; let's face it, it will never be eliminated.

@PH, Twerto nipped in before me

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I don't know if anybody has brought up the fact that Portugal decriminalised drugs in 2001, I think they are currently reviewing their drug policy again. Apparently use of cannabis has gone up but the use of so-called harder drugs has gone down as has the number of deaths attributed to hard drugs.

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Yeah i looked into the Portuguese Decriminalisation. I cant believe we haven't heard anything about it. Considering how well they are doing. The figures speak for themselves.

Its not like the results are surprising. the fact the main stream media has not mentioned it at all is not a surprise either. The trusty BBC haven't used it in any of their 'unbiased' 'non-partisan' 'factually soundl' documentaries.


How many of you have been to Portugal recently? if you have, did you know about the decriminalisation. Did you notice the lack of anarchy which should surely stem from such a crazy and drastic move by the Portuguese government ?

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^Even Arnie is starting to make noises which indicate he may be in favour of renewed debate (specifically re cannabis), but sadly for the wrong reasons. It seems that in times of recession (and some parts of California have been hit particularly hard) the potential of a new cash crop should be looked into. :roll:

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