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Should drugs be legalised?

Should drugs be legalised?  

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  1. 1. Should drugs be legalised?

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I do not think the status quo is fine sell heroin theng dangle from a rope as far as I'm concerned it is highly addictive with no positive atributes what so ever same with fags ban the sale of fags, legaly you can't buy fags till you are 18 (used to be 16) yet I smoked my first fag at 6 and went regular when I was 12 took me till I was 35 to stop.

regulation did not stop me or anyone else when it came to fags so why the hell should smack be different.

stop trying to justify your own weakness

there is no such thing as recreational heroin use

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Weel .... I'm sure we can all agree that these Islands have more Heroin addicts now than ever before , well maybe since the days of Laudenum wine and when the British Merchant navy were the biggest opium movers in the world , but of course it was all legal then .

But seriously we have a situation now where we have more drug sniffer dogs than ever before , more heroin users and a penal system in scotland that is bursting at the seams with prisoners who are in there for drug offences .

What we are doing regarding drug enforcement costs a massive fortune and clearly isn't working.

There has to be some kind of new way , not only for the sake of the addicts but for the sake of all of us who ultimately pay for this by enduring poorer standards of other services due to the huge sums of money that are being wasted maintaining the current drug enforcement strategy .

And lets not forget the fortune that is being funnelled directly into the coffers of organised criminal regimes who currently control the illegal trade in these commodities - DRUGS.

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Right, First off I'm getting fed up with reading the same rant and loads of personal insults from you, Sheepshagger. Pack it in. We get the picture:You think that there is no such thing as recreational opiate use.

OK, that is your point of view, fair enough, but your own sanctimonious tone makes me want to argue with you just for the sake of it: for example, I read a quote from Keef Richards the other day where he said that all the time he was using, he never had a cold. I'm not saying I agree with him, but there is a differnt point of view out there, and you need to cool head and stop calling people who engage with you on this subject "tossers" and suchlike.

Someone Who Isn't Me likes to smoke Herb, but cannot get hold of any, because those infernal drug dogs are no good at detecting heroin, only the Maryjane.

This is interfering with the education process, because youngsters who are bored with booze do not have the option,as many did years ago, to experiment with something much less harmful when they want to try something new.


The choice up here is booze, booze more booze, or heroin.


This ,and a number of other reasons is why this isolated and naive community now has 13 year-olds shooting up at school, or sat nodding out in cafes in Lerwick, taking it in turns to go to the toilets to fix.

I saw a girl who looked like death sat doing this just the other day. Glaciers move faster.

She ,deep inside, looked absolutely confused and overwhelmed by her situation, the simple act of applying makeup so difficult to her,as the group of older miscreants she was with clucked around, taking care of business in the toilet and openly talking about heroin as if they were untouchable, which to an extent they are, because Jock Public thinks that it's none of their business.

The public sat resigned to this as if it was none of their business, except me, who had to leave, because I was getting angry.

Who will help this girl?

By the time she is old enough to know what is happening to her, she will probably be dead. If it wasn't for the fact that the only drug available up here is nasty stepped-on scouse smack she may have taken a different route through life and not ended up hanging around with a bunch of flaming smackheads. She may have done something else entirely with her life, you know.

She could have tried some hash at a party while drunk, thrown up and never touched drugs again, who knows.

Up here, she wouldn't have had that opportunity, and has headed straight into the arms of the only subculture available, and she doesn't stand a chance.

Can anyone remember a time on Shetland when young men were caught in old peoples houses stealing and got such a clueless response from the legal system? I moved up here thinking there would be none of this.

It seems to me that it takes a very special sort of person to rid their systems of this drug, and the very best of luck to them, whichever method they use. The rest are just smackheads who, like you say ss, are just playing the system until they can get sorted out.

I almost agree with your post from 5.07 this morning saying that the only way out is through cold turkey, except that for some the other methods are better.

The fact is that recreational drug use of any kind is not tolerated on Shetland, except in the way that most "straight" people just roll their eyes and ignore the activities of this different class of people (as they see it, I believe) and get confused when they see otherwise excellent people smoking a bit of pot, because then they have to lump them in with the "druggies". If some one had gone into the toilets in that cafe and emerged in a cloud of hash smoke the cops would have been there in an instant, I reckon, because it is easy to ignore an entire group of people, and just as easy to pick on folk who are enjoying themselves using something other than alcohol.

There is a vast amount of ignorance surrounding this issue up here and , as Shetland Peat has pointed out repeatedly, education is the only way forward in the absence of a way for young'uns to learn for themselves, and I can't see things changing until it is easier to get hold of something mellow to smoke than it is to chase the bloody dragon.

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I am in no way putting pot in the same class as smack, I have some very fond memories of the mahri johanna, non addictive unlikely to kill you unless a great weight of it falls on your head.

And the current drought is nationwide not just down to a useless sniffer dog up here.

but if those that partake in dope were less willing to put up with the smackheads then we might just get somewhere in solving the problem up here.

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Guest Anonymous

The state of affairs in these isles are not good , i dont know what the answer is but i reckon once you have an established community of heroin addicts its going to be very hard to change things ? ......

The drugs dog is totelly useless against this current drug culture .

Most likly most of the heroin coming in to shetland is already secreted inside the bodies of the peolpe taking it up .

But most definatly the banding of all the drugs from pot through to smack illegal is a contributing factor to the current problem of heroin abusers within our isles

I am a cynical old git these days and always ask the question ...

Whos really making the money out of all this , it is after all big business.

Drugs comes in up at the top along with oil production , arms & sex , arent we a lovely bunch...

Its strange since U.S & U.K Forces took the war on terror to the people of Afghanistan that the production of opium within that country has increased 10 fold , you have to wonder who's really making the money??

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Growing cannabis in your own home for your own personal use - should be legalized!! Must add - I do not smoke it .. I hate the stuff!! Regardless.. The sad amount of kids getting drawn into smack in Shetland is ridiculous.

We should name and shame the dealers - publically!

Would Shetlink let us do that?

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Would Shetlink let us do that?


Afraid not. Too easy for somebody to make a mistake and an innocent person could then be branded a dealer when they are not.


No matter what our views are on the matter Shetlink can't afford a legal case. :?

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We should name and shame the dealers - publically!

Would Shetlink let us do that?


So you know who the dealers are and can prove that they're dealers?


If you think they should be named and shamed, perhaps you should report what you know or what you think you know to the Police rather than here, otherwise it is just unfounded gossip whether it is correct or not. If anything it might make apprehending these criminals harder.

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Yet more proof that prohibition is ba110cks.




The coppers know who the dealers are, the bloody scousers to name but a few. I've never seen so many smack heads up here, ever. There everywhere (getting younger and younger), you see them walking together all over heading in the same direction. If the cops don't know who the dealers are, they are incompetent morons and should resign right now. Its better for the police if they just use the dealers as grasses against the customers and soft users, that way they get to load up the prisons with the victims of the problem and get more arrests down on the books. How else could they justify the quantity of filth up here. Nothing to do with bettering the community. QUOTAS!

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