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Should drugs be legalised?

Should drugs be legalised?  

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  1. 1. Should drugs be legalised?

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Guest Anonymous

We are all aware of the effects of drinking substantial amounts over an extended period then stopping suddenly but what peat fails to grasp is that the vast majority of folks drink and do so responsably I have never met anyone who could control their use of opiates, I have however met and know many folk that think they are in control of their opiate use, who are quite frankly deluding themselves.

Yes peat i do enjoy a drink and on one occasion I even missed a day at work due to drink but that was due to being informed while blotto that i was due at the office the next day and having no recolection of ever being informed, whereas opiate use always leads to the gutter.

Now if you wish to carry on your missguided veiw that smack is controlable and folks can function in resposable positions while using said sharn lets hope that the next man operating a machine you are working on is not smacked out his head, or withdrawing from it for that matter.


yes in days gone by we brewed up hooche down the legs of the rig or in our rooms on the camps in saudi but that is pretty much a thing of the past, when we did this management were ussualy involved and it really was no big deal a couple of pints of home brew or a glass of flash at the end of a long day did no harm, and was not a risk to our jobs.

nowadays it is immediate dismisal if you were even to think about it so it just does not happen and we are not climbing the walls for a lack of it.

having watched a smackhead try to get at the medic with a fire axe because he had run out of said sharn because the medic would not supply him with any while he finnished his trip lets you see just how desperate someone withdrawing from smack will be.

containers are sealed before leaving the base so having a friend in the base or doing it yourself would be a more likely scenario BC but I have yet to encounter that happening either.


I have heard stories from rigs. Your not that good.




peat we are discussing the dangers of smack versus drink and you post a link to a site that is about rig disasters really cant sea what point your trying to make there except that accidents happen or are you trying to imply that they were all pissed when said disasters happened, men lost their lives in most of those incidents some of them were known to me and i will take this up with you next time we meet.

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Most, human error, , and most of these are in the past. Folk lost their lives because of other folks errors, me thinks it should be those you may want to see. The link was posted because of your world wide knowledge of all rigs, as you claimed.

The fact that folk still wanted to drink on a place where they were told they can't is a sign of addiction.

And alcoholics do not rob steal and injure to feed their habit? I know they do.


All addiction is bad, but it seems ok if the GOV collect Taxes on it, that is what your threads are weaving.


Again, if it was legalised. taxes could be drawn on it and there would be cash to address the problem from root.


As you know, humans will take big risks to partake in an addiction.

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Guest Anonymous

when i started offshore you could get a drink on he rig, no problem you were just not allowed to get drunk and I can only ever recollect one occasion where someone got pissed.

I am not saying or have i ever said that you don't get folk that are addicted to alchohol but you start taking smack and the addiction follows sure as night follows day. So as it stands you want to legalise and therefor legitamise a substance that is gauranteed to get someone addicted then tax that addiction, real forward thinking of you peat.


and your link to rig disasters is totally irrelevant and a cheap nasty shot if the mods don't pick you up on it then there is something wrong.


drink was banned in the uk sector after an incedent on the cormorant platform north east of shetland when the OIM, prod supervisor, camp boss, tool pusher and a few others comandeered the christmas supply for the whole rig and proceeded to get pissed, there was a fire in the process module and those jokers were too drunk to carry out there emergency duties, I wouldn't say this was because they were addicts just dickheads.


your posts are full of contradictions peat and maybe this is because you like to partake in some substance abuse yourself, just like you claim i like to binge eh

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ican't be to detailed. but the norm of the abusers are downing very high levels of booze at the bottle of vodka level a day. they do this for 3 weeks then dry out. they suffer fits/pains that require them to be sent to the gbh. this is a plain simple truth if you don't believe it so be it. i will inform the wife that she and her fellow workers are imagining those sick oil men. the vomit and other bodily products that they clean up is clearly not there so they won't have to clean them up.

yup people need to be in a place of safty. however when the police refuse to stay then it becomes dangerous. violent drunks and addicts wanting drugs make there lives a lot harder.

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My posts are quite progressive, I have listened and looked further into the subject and am honest enough to say that I may contradict previous posts due to further reasoning or reading.


The oil rig link was there to get you to be a little more honest about life on rigs in the past.


The accidents listed are from all over the world, and as human error was involved in most of them and someone here posted that withdrawing from an alcoholic binge has put folk on the rig at risk, I was suggesting that you and the rest of the folk who work on rigs have a intense and dangerous job, to have your safety compromised by such a fools action is very wrong.


I do know of a couple who do of have worked on rigs, and have listened to some of the things they have said.


My honest opinion is that folk should not drink some time before going off shore, perhaps not at all, if it is as dangerous as quoted.


So if I offended you with the link, it was not meant to do that, and I was wrong in posting it in such a manner.


But, I still think that the problems of addiction need to be addressed, that is all addiction.


Personal insults and accusations are not required, they do not forward any argument, they just inhibit debate, conversation and personal standing. They are a sign of aggression, not passion.


Binge drinking, is someone who drinks and becomes incapacitated or has lost reasonable thought.


Binge drinking is the modern definition of drinking alcoholic beverages with the primary intention of becoming intoxicated by heavy consumption of alcohol over a short period of time.[1] It is a kind of purposeful drinking style that is popular in several countries worldwide, and overlaps somewhat with social drinking since it is often done in groups. The exact degree of intoxication, however, varies between and within various cultures that engage in this practice. A binge on alcohol can occur over hours or last up to several days.[2] Due to the long-term effects of alcohol misuse, binge drinking is considered to be a major public health issue




It is a sad way of things that any binging has to happen, but as paul has mentioned it has catastrophic effects and is a huge drain on the public purse.


You say folk drink for years, though I have read a studdy paper in the US that shows hospital admissions for folk who have been injecting for 20 or more years and their health remains average to good.


Again I do not think that the drug should become legal as alcohol has or nicotine, we can see the damage that has done to folk.


I take your point about legalisation for general consumption, but will not accept that punishment on its own is the only answer.


The tax would be wasted anyhow, locking every one up.

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Guest Anonymous
Let's face it, it's no fun if it's legal

that hardly explains the number of 18 and overs that regularly get pissed at the weekend george.


10% of people that drink regularly will become addicted whether that is in the form of full on alchoholism or frequent binge drinking.

90+% of all those that use opiates will become addicted.

these figures are from the WHO

so yes if you take the fact that for every person using smack there are probably a 100 or more drinking regularly booze probably causes more harm to society but in a like for like comparison, smack is the bad one.

then we can take into account that according to the WHO those that drink in moderation say a glass or 2 of wine or a couple of nips every day life expectancy goes up quite a bit, reduced rates of heart dissease stress related ilness etc.

Now lets have a look at the violence associated with booze.

commentators at the time remarked that when native americans were first introduced to alchohol they neither got addicted or turned to violence, it was only after observing the europeans use the fact that they were drunk as an excuse when they commited rapes or other acts of violence that they then mimicked that behaviour.

so it would seem that it is not the alchohol that turns folk nasty it is just nasty folk that use alchohol as an excuse for their behaviour.

So the A&E would be a lot quieter on a weekend if we as a society decided not to accept violent thugs roaming the streets at will and dealt with them the only way they will understand and that is harshly and without remorse.

No mollycodling them because mummy didnt love them enough or whatever other bovine excrement excuse they trot out, let them know that their actions will have consequences.

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But, you saying that, alcohol damages society far more (1/3rd) than the next competitor.

Which is what you were ignoring.


So now the debate with your now learned input is still on the same track. If you do not legalise drugs to control them, in this REAL world we live in, where everyone is involved how can you stop folks from falling into the spiral, get them out of the spiral and then ensure that they remain out.

Education, compassion and education, to sum it up, support.

Otherwise, they will continue, in your eyes to be all thieves, aggravated or not. Or, as you state, allow them to continue until they are caught.

Thus harming more folk, themselves and continuing to cost society (but not as much as alcohol).


Now that you seem to be looking into this.

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Guest Anonymous

jesus peat its like getting a square peg in a round hole trying to get some sense into you it needs a big heavy hammer.

smack is 9 times more addictive than booze yet you want to legalise and legitimise it, smack kills more folk more quickly when you look at proportionaly. yet you want it available in purer form you don't need to inject to overdose.

kids harvesting the sharn in the poppy fields quite often OD just sitting down for a rest.

you are a damn fool if you think making it more available is going to reduce the problem, either that or your brain is so adled with the sharn you really havent a clue what you are on about.

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Smack is grossly more addictive than alcohol. It is illegal therefore there is no control - surely the answer is to gain control.


As to the comment made earlier about alcohol and violence, is it not used as an excuse to do what you want, be it rape, assault, whatever. I am an alcoholic but not a violent person. I get pissed with a smile on my face and then pass out. I still present social problems but violence is not my scene, therefore no link between it and alcohol :!: :!: :!:

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Something has to be done because its clear the system just isnt working , I really dont think we should be looking to legalise any drugs if anything that would make it far more readily available and easier for youngsters and users to get a hold off , also the punishments are not strict enough and are not a strong enough deterent to make people think about what they are doing , plus prison is far too cushy for the criminals and as far as i can see it doesnt worry them if they have to go there , why would it ?


The only way to solve these problems is with Discipline , strict regime obedience to all orders, respect for authority, self reliance and teamwork and none of this namby pamby nonesence we hear about all the time , get to the root of the problem and nip it in the bud !

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Ah well bob, back to personal insults and false accusations.

It seems you still do not take in what folk are saying, and you may need to think on how you post again and the content of your post.

The last post was that of a bully, which it seems that when the thread does not go your way you resort to intimidation and personal attacks.

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Guest Anonymous

george all your post proves is that you are not a violent person therfor you do not need the excuse of alchohol I think therfor that it proves my point.

peat I cant be assed to discuss anything with you as like i said square peg round hole.

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