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Do you miss Shetland when you're no there?


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Maybe I'm just feeling lonely 'cause the girlfriend's gone back up and I winna see her until xmas, but... I usually miss Shetland when i'm at uni. I guess its joost because family's up there and what-not.


Stuff like when its cold here, its cold, but in Shetland, when its cold, its time to light the fire!


Sooth places just don't feel the same.

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Yes and no. The scenery, wildlife and peace and quiet on a fine summers day or night in Shetland is hard to beat and I miss the sense of community/belonging and the slow pace of life. Don't miss dark, dreich winter days and the associated feeling of isolation and remoteness, lack of choice, narrow minded attitudes and lack of get-up-and-go among some folk.


Nothing wrong with being homesick JAS but remember, Shetland will always be there for you to go back to (in my experience, pretty much unchanged from when you left it) long after you're too old or have too many commitments to be able to see the rest of the world.

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