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Gay Rights


Gay rights... for or against?  

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  1. 1. Gay rights... for or against?

    • Pro Gay Adoption/Pro Gay Marriage
    • Pro Gay Adoption/Anti Gay Marriage
    • Anti Gay Adoption/Pro Gay Marriage
    • Anti Gay Adoption/Anti Gay Marriage
    • Unsure

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So what do you suggest? Perhaps children should remain in care until a heterosexual foster family becomes available. Surely a loving, caring family is of paramount importance, regardless of sexuality.


Admittedly there may be cases of playground taunts, especially in close-knit communities like Shetland. Isn't it time this line of thought was knocked on the head and people became educated about the facts, rather than using it as an excuse.

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Animals are gay too.

Check. Couple downstairs from me some years ago had a gay dog. Show him a bitch, not interested. But he'd "have a go" with any of the other dogs. And just like us humans - most of them didn't seem too impressed with his advances, with occasionally entertaining results :D

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only 44% for gays adopting kids 49% against and that is a poll on a forum that as I said allready has a predominance of liberal thinkers(smelly hippies) and so the vocal minority have foisted a law on the quiet majority :cry:


Well is it possible that this forum could represent a section of Shetlanders? Indeed it does. What does it say about Shetlanders? Accepting and Liberal. Obviously this poll isn't anything scientific though.

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gay animals will not get much in the way of offspring will they I guess nature's got that one covered


Evolution is potentially the most subtle thing we know about.


Or to put it another way, if you see something now, there was an evolutionary reason for it, and it doesn't carry any disadvantage at the moment. If it did, natural selection would have taken care of it before now.



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