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Best and Worst Local Band Ever?

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Arrowhead were an awesome band. I had the privilege of attending a lot of their practice nights in the bandhoose at Asta, and a lot of their gigs too, including when they played at my 21st birthday shindig.

Quicksilver were also brilliant in my eyes, i attended many of their gigs, although i did have a punch up with their rhythm guitarist in the Scalloway park one open air after he pushed his luck a bit too far.

The Suppository Business were in another league altogether, how they didn't make into the mainstream music system i will never know.

Nowadays, i would say that The Revellers are at the top of the tree and Scaldin Bragg could be serious conterders if they started playing on Saturday nights.


ya,scaldin bragg gits my vote fur best band.keeping up da tradition o turning oot good bands fae da shed at asta,

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Also remember Revolver having a good song on a shetland compilation album cant mind the name but was a travis style strum along one and pretty decent.


The track was 'Just say no' on XS Sessions.


i used to listen to that song over and over on the jukebox in mooneys.


turd was awesome.



where can i get a copy of that song? like, seriously.

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I think the best gig by a Shetland band I've seen wasna even in Shetland. The Red Vans, Drop the Box and Bongshang played in a marquee in Aberdeen's Union Terrace Gardens - I think in October 1995. Every Shetlander from between the Firth of Tay and the Pentland Firth seemed to be there!! Bands and audience seemed to there for a good night out. And what a night it was!!!! Was anybody else there?

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