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Should the obese pay more on air flights?


Should the obese pay more for airflights?  

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  1. 1. Should the obese pay more for airflights?

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if greed is a disability then we will have to stop all this harasment of capitalists


I don't recall saying greed is a disability.


Obesity is down to greed pure and simple



Yes, it's easy to say obese people need to eat less--end of story, but I'm afraid it's not quite as simple as that. The reality of the situation is that the majority of said people have deeper underlying psychological problems, and the eating disorder is merely a manifestation of the symptoms. Hurling abusive and hurtful comments only inflames the situation, and helps nobody.


Should the obese pay more on air flights? Of course not.

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the need to stuff ones face with food is due to "underlying phsycological problems" so is the need to make as much money as possible due to "underlying phsycological problems" The I'm not happy so I'll eat means you feel pity for them so I'm not happy so I'll make and keep as much money as I can is also deserving of pity. It makes them feel better about themselves so who are we to object. :roll:

genetic predisposition to obesity just means that your body proccesses food better/differently to others, it means they were probably more likely to survive a bad winter it does not mean they can carry on packing in the calories then expect pity when they baloon to 20+ stone. we have a brain and the ability to use it, so getting obese then moaning about it does not wash with me. less calories needed to keep the body functioning then less calories need to be input to the body. I do tend to put weight on easily I can bulk up very quickly so when I'm on leave I eat a hell of a lot less than when I'm working if I didn't I would be a fat bar steward and not just a bar steward :)

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Ok so how do you explain that of two people of the same age and gender one can eat lots and the other eats little yet the small eater puts on the weight even when their lifestyle is similar?


There is a rare genetic factor that can cause obesity directly. I think it is found in about 1 in 100,000 people, and another effect is that they will have red hair and blue eyes.

Otherwise, it is down to people eating more calories than they use.


If you have genes that give your body a particularly efficient use of calories then you will not need to eat as many as somebody who is not so efficient, even doing the same amount of work.

If you ignore that and eat as much as the inefficient person does, eating more calories than you use, then you will gain weight, while they might not.


There are certainly medical factors connected with gaining or loosing weight, but genetics are a side issue.

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< Only kidding...>>



Thank you- havna chortled so much in ages! Just as well I hadna just taken a mouthful of coffee... I had a fleeting vision of a peerie case filled wi neatly folded peerie dolls clothes! Fnarrrrrr!


Thanks for the tip to try Gap Kids- I shall phone their ordering service and ask what dimensions they come in?


{OK - I just ken somebody is going to tell me they come from another Dimension, and so will appear invisible...}



They showed on one 'diet' programme that larger people actually have a faster metabolism than thinner ones - what made the difference- was their level of physical activity...



I know lots of people have many, varied psychological problems, and some manifest through behaviour; eating disorders is one example.

Some people have 'social difficulties', and this can result in addictions of all sorts... an eating disorder could be classed as an addiction?



There are people who have dysmorphic body image- which works both way; larger people can perceive themselves as smaller and vice versa...


There probably is a gene for a tendency to develope obesity... note the word 'tendency'...



The bottom line is; it's all down to Arithmetic; calories ingested vs calories expended...


I gained 2 stone on an extended holiday abroad years ago, but managed to lose it when I came home by limiting my calorie intake; using balanced meal replacement drinks, eating sensibly and getting a strenuous job.


Fair enough- I had the motivation- I couldn't get into ANY of my jeans!!


I think the Health Service needs to try and help obese people find the motivation to lose weight? Prevention is better than cure; Health Promotion!


The damage obesity can do to the body over time is frightening - people really will become disabled - Diabetes is no joke; waiting for a knee replacement is not fun; heart bypass surgery probably isn't very nice either...



I don't know what the answer is... but selling 'Supersize' portions of fast food should be made illegal!

And putting VAT on sweeties?

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There probably is a gene for a tendency to develope obesity... note the word 'tendency'...


The other way of looking at it is that the gene is a predisposition to being a good endurance athlete, as it makes the body more efficient in it's energy uptake and conversion, but if that efficient body is not exercised and is given too much food, it is just as efficient at turning it into fat.

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I've been fairly familiar for most of my life with someone suffering an eating disorder but at the other end of the scale. Anorexia is something we accept as an illness and is no different from any other psychological eating disorder that might result in obesity. Nothing will convince one to eat more or the other to eat less. Not fitting into your trousers is one issue, but not fitting into society because of judgemental bigots is a fairly sad state of affairs.

What about weight gain due to hormonal imbalance or side effects of medication for another illness? Maybe you should situate 'ANYTHING TO DECLARE' at departures...

"Whats that your carrying there mister?"

"oh, just a litre of fluid retention, but within my ticket allocation."


Sad B@stards!

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^ Not sure if that is one for me or not, but I certainly am not trying to make light of weight problems caused by illness of whatever kind, just speaking from my own experience of deciding to loose weight, it was a big motivating factor that I did not need to go to a gym 4 hours a day and count every calorie, or that it was all pointless anyway because of some random chance of fate/genes, but just to know for me and for the majority of overweight people just eating a bit less will be enough in the end.

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