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Saudi Arabia is a hellish place.


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You obviously haven't met many Muslims and are falling for this Nazi like campaign against 'The Others' - a term I found quite disturbing in Denmark.

Communism is no longer a threat so there has got to be something to keep the public scared. Really READ all the anti Muslim sharn, compare it to the antisemitism back in the thirties in Nazi Germany. Compare it to anticommunism in the forties in the States. Human nature is to be scared of what we don't understand, governments like to keep it's citizens cowed. The IRA didn't make you scared of Catholics did it? It was enough to get Scots shot for speaking funny. Hey if your skin's a funny colour you can get forced to the ground, held and shot at point blank range in the head with no warning. At least the white IRA suspect got a warning shout before being shot.

My daughter got abuse on the bus in Aberdeen from a complete stranger for her 'Arab' looks. Is it any wonder Islamic youth in the West are being more radicalised by the public's reaction to them?

In the Middle East they get all the same sort of propaganda we do. I used to love the Arab political cartoons back in the eighties and nineties. In the West we think of them like little children and wont let them play with our toys. Why can't Iran have a Nuclear Power plant? If you want to start raving on about human rights then what about the United States? Are you particularly happy about George W Bush having control over the world's largest supply of nuclear weapons? Have you seen what happened to children born in Iraq after the 'First Gulf War'? You think Gulf War syndrome was bad, these kids were denied medical treatment. We quite happily dumped our unwanted Jews in some of the most fertile land and let them murder who ever they like but anyone who fights back is a terrorist (hey some of those Israelis are my cousins so don't try that one).

I could rant all night but the bairn wants on the computer but I'll ask you another question when it comes to Iraq and Afghanistan.


What right do we (who do not live in a democracy) have in trying to force democracy on other people?

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You obviously haven't met many Muslims


bet I've met a bloody sight more than you :lol:


Spent 3 1/2 years living in Syria

and god knows how many more working throughout the Middle East and Africa.

so I reckon I've met a fair few Muslims.


My daughter got abuse on the bus in Aberdeen from a complete stranger for her 'Arab' looks.


I've had abuse on a bus in Aberdeen for having a Shetland accent whats your point "Aberdonians on buses are tossers"


Have you seen what happened to children born in Iraq after the 'First Gulf War'? You think Gulf War syndrome was bad, these kids were denied medical treatment.


I take it from your writing with authority you have spent some time in the Middle East

I was in Iraq before the first gulf war and there was quite a lot of disabled children then, what caused their deformities?

poor nutrition maybe, wrong tribe so no medical care, inbreeding? Could be a multitude of reasons.

cant say I noticed a large increase in deformed kids since the gulf war


Why can't Iran have a Nuclear Power plant?


for the simple reason that nuclear power is not their primary objective, nuclear weapons is.

I sleep sound in my bed at night knowing George bush is in control of nuclear weapons for the simple reason that his misguided religion does not advocate the total destruction of mankind just to make sure they get rid of all the kaffirs, whereas the extreme form of Islam will quite happily kill everyone and everything including themselves just to achive this very thing.


We quite happily dumped our unwanted Jews in some of the most fertile land


It had nothing to do with that being the very same land they were chased out of by Christians and Muslims alike?


What right do we (who do not live in a democracy) have in trying to force democracy on other people


The invasion of Afghanistan was to get rid of the Taliban who freely admitted to harbouring Bin Laden, sausage all to do with imposing democracy. Iraq was certainly about securing stability of oil supply to the whole world not just America.

Angola supplies America with more oil than Iraq ever did but you don't see yanky troops in Luanda.

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Those Saudis are up to their old tricks, this time keeping down on witchs. Good to Shari law in action keeping them safe from illiterate witchs.


Pleas for condemned Saudi 'witch'

Many Saudi executions are beheadings by the sword in public places

Human Rights Watch has appealed to Saudi Arabia to halt the execution of a woman convicted of witchcraft.

In a letter to King Abdullah, the rights group described the trial and conviction of Fawza Falih as a miscarriage of justice.


The illiterate woman was detained by religious police in 2005 and allegedly beaten and forced to fingerprint a confession that she could not read.


Among her accusers was a man who alleged she made him impotent.


Human Rights Watch said that Ms Falih had exhausted all her chances of appealing against her death sentence and she could only now be saved if King Abdullah intervened.


'Undefined' crime


The US-based group is asking the Saudi ruler to void Ms Falih's conviction and to bring charges against the religious police who detained her and are alleged to have mistreated her.


Its letter to King Abdullah says the woman was tried for the undefined crime of witchcraft and that her conviction was on the basis of the written statements of witnesses who said that she had bewitched them.


Human Rights Watch says the trial failed to meet the safeguards in the Saudi justice system.


The confession which the defendant was forced to fingerprint was not even read out to her, the group says.


Also Ms Falih and her representatives were not allowed to attend most of the hearings.


When an appeal court decided she should not be executed, the law courts imposed the death sentence again, arguing that it would be in the public interest.

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Those saudi princes do like their japes.




A videotape showing a member of the United Arab Emirates Royal Family torturing a man is threatening a multibillion-dollar nuclear power deal between the US and the Gulf kingdom.


The 45-minute tape shows a man that the Government of Abu Dhabi has acknowledged is Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al-Nahyan — one of 22 royal brothers of the UAE President and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince — mercilessly and repeatedly beating a man with a cattle prod and a nailed board, burning his genitals and driving his Mercedes over him several times. He is assisted by a uniformed policeman.


The fallout from the film — which was smuggled out of the UAE by a former business associate of the sheikh — has reached all the way to the Oval Office, where the civilian nuclear deal, awaiting the signature of President Obama, remains unsigned. A senior US official has said that the Administration is holding off certifying the treaty as a direct result of the film.


The deal was sealed on January 15 during President Bush’s last week in office, but needs to be recertified by the new Administration. Under its terms, the US agrees to provide technology and equipment to help the UAE to develop civilian nuclear power plants. In return, the UAE pledges to abide by the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty and not to reprocess its spent nuclear fuel.


Jim McGovern, the Democratic co-chairman of the congressional Human Rights Commission, viewed the tape last week and told The Times that it was “one of the most horrific things I have ever seen in my lifeâ€. In the tape the sheikh is seen torturing an Afghan grain salesman he claims has cheated him.


Mr McGovern has written to Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, expressing his “outrage, horror and revulsion†about the tape and demanding that all sales and transfers of technology to the UAE, “including nuclearâ€, be suspended. He calls on Mrs Clinton to take a lead role in the investigation. He also told The Times that he would hold congressional hearings into the issue. “If the UAE think this is going to blow over, they are wrong,†he said. The case will be a further test of the Obama Administration’s commitment to human rights.


One of Sheikh Issa’s brothers heads the UAE’s Interior Ministry, and the Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, Sheikh Issa’s half-brother, is due in Washington next month. Mr McGovern said: “If we stand for human rights we have to speak out, even against human rights violations in countries that may be our friends or are strategically located.†The UAE is one of Washington’s main Arab allies in the region. “You need to condemn torture wherever you see it,†Mr McGovern said.


The tape was smuggled out of the UAE by Bassam Nabulsi, a former business associate of Sheikh Issa who fell out with him. The videotape was filmed by Mr Nabulsi’s brother, who used to work for the sheikh.


Mr Nabulsi says that after he confronted the sheikh about the tape he was tortured in a UAE jail by members of the Interior Ministry, a claim the UAE Government denies.


He is suing the sheikh in Houston, Texas, and wants to produce the tape as evidence.


Sheikh Issa’s Houston lawyer confirmed it was his client in the tape, and called his actions “inexcusableâ€. Yet he also said that his client had been “unduly defamed†by the incident.


The UAE first investigated the tape four years ago, and filed no charges against the sheikh.


Now, with the public release of the video, the Government has issued a statement in which it “unequivocally condemns the actions depicted on the videoâ€. It pledged to conduct “a comprehensive review of the matter immediatelyâ€.


Mr McGovern believes that the latest response reflects the UAE’s concern that the nuclear deal will fall through. He is also demanding an inquiry into a claim by Mr Nabulsi that last year he showed portions of the tape to a US Homeland Security official in the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi, but that no action was taken by American officials.


There were grave concerns among some on Capitol Hill about the nuclear deal even before the emergence of the tape. The UAE is one of Iran’s biggest trading partners, and security checks at its ports are lax, prompting worries about the leakage of nuclear technology to Tehran.

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What I find sad is that because of horrible things that go on in Saudi Arabia, there are people who judge all muslims as backwards and barbaric.


by that you are associating these horrible things with Saudi Arabia, these things have nothing to do with countries, borders or geography, solely Sharia law which simply equates to islam. so what other conclusion can be drawn?

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Suicide bummer


A SUICIDE bomber tried to kill a Saudi prince by detonating TNT hidden up his BACKSIDE.


Fanatic Abdullah Hassan Tali al-Asiri, 23, blew himself up - but his intended victim escaped with minor injuries.




some of the Comment's crack me up


Look at the interior of the offices, he totally rectum!


It couldn’t have happened to a better turd, I bet he had a good pork curry before he went to the meet


Hilarious,sounds like a Spike Milligan sketch


Passage to paradise!!


IT seems like a rather extreme way to solve your constipation problems.



The brits always, Kick the Preparation H-atuator, when he’s is down

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A new terrorist weapon - an 'up the pipe' bomb!


Listen very carefully Abdullah Hassan Tali al-Asiri, I will show you this only once.You drop your pants, and push a firework up your rectum, and light the blue touch paper. O! don’t break wind you will blow up at the wrong moment


He probably thought they said "Use the back passage".


It’s the best laugh the Sun has printed in years, and should have a world wide caption contest or a TV show, I hope you sent copies to all the troops in the middle east.


The List just goes on and on

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