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Best live band

Guest posiedon

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That's a toughy!

cogs whir...

scratches chin...


scratches chin again...

cannae pick just 1...

Top 3 in no order are:


D.R.I. in something like '91 at The Venue in Edinburgh. Couch Slouch was pure mental :twisted:


The Cult on the Electric tour in '86/87 in Aberdeen. Seats got flattened and I lost a shoe to the crowd for half the night.


Underworld in Newcastle a couple of months back.

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cos i'm old I've seen lots of live music & if it's rock were talking about it's got to be AC/DC - Fly on the Wall Tour, Edinburgh Playhouse in '86. I somehow managed to get a ticket from Angus, (Blub fae Sandwick not Young), got down into the the stalls & have never seen a better live act - the audience knew every word to every song. I have seen them since but that show stands out for me as truly amazing - are there any other shetlinkers who were at that show I wonder?

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My best ever gig had to be Shooglenifty when they played that impromptu gig on the badminton court in Islesburgh during the folk festival in '94 or '95. U2 at Murrayfield in '87 were superb and I must also mention Big Country at Ingleston market in '86 on 'The Seer' tour. The best recent gig has to be Rush this October in Glasgow.


Oh yes, and Blue Oyster Cult at the Edinburgh Playhouse in '88 'cos I was in the front row.

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