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Problems with Broadband in Gulberwick  

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  1. 1. Problems with Broadband in Gulberwick

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I'm with Tiscali, I signed up with them before they took over Pipex....They were intended to be a short term stopgap option to keep me online after Orange swallowed Freeserve......I had been taking a look at Pipex as someone to go with as a permanent replacement, and first I knew Tiscali ate them too....Typical! :evil:


The wiring around here probably doesn't help me either, but even allowing for that, the connection speed and line speed has been all over the place since last December.

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I'm on holiday in Stornoway just now so thought I'd see what results this apparently blazing connection gave :






Other than the ping thats pretty much what I get back in Shetland, however there is no question that this connection is faster in "real life" usage. (streaming video being the most obvious example).


Both on BT option 3 too.

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I dropped Pipex as soon as my obligatory year was up. Since then my connection has been faster and my bill smaller. Plus I got a decent wireless router and internet phone.


Is it BT you're with? I've been with Pipex since 2004, but I'm gonna be moving home soon and need to decide on a new ISP, BT certainally look like the best bet so far with their unlimited option.


Mine is slightly better now late at night




Really does just depend though, download speeds are jumping, anything from 20kbps to 400kbps, seems to fluctuate an awful lot.

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