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Problems with Broadband in Gulberwick  

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How accurate is speedtest.net? I've ditched Pipex and gone we BT, but when I do a test on speedtest.net I get dreadful results we BT, worse than Pipex, but the actual speed is better. YouTube videos, downloads and websites are lightning quick noo. So i'm no convinced yun speedtest.net is very accurate at all. Does anybody else find dat?


Speedtest.net is ballpark at best. The only accurate speedtest (if you are on BT) is BT's own speedchecker. It checks the speed betwen your connection and the exchange.


If you are in Shetland (and getting your Broadband using the phone line) it does not matter a jot which ISP are you using. There are no ISPs unbundling so whoever you use they are basically repackaging a BT connection.

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Given their track record, I'm usually very leery of the council becoming involved in commercial business ventures, or throwing money at other folk's business ventures. But one scheme I will be loathe to criticise is splicing in to the Faroe cable, and at least getting some competition going on round here. The status quo is beyond pitiful.


Good to hear you are not damning the project before we've even gotten started. How long do we get on Shetlink before we are blown out the water? ;-)

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right now I'm trying to decide between Plusnet and BT.


We changed to plusnet a few months back, opted for the plusnet pro as when you look at the actual speeds you get for plusnet unlimited they are poor, they throttle your bandwith with unlimited option.


I am changing over to plusnet business option 2 at the end of this month as the 15gigs of bandwith offered on pro is just not enough for our household. With their new business packagaes, you pay a bit extra but your line speed is not restricted and you get 50gigs a month download for £23.00


Only had to phone once, and teh response is quick, they have online helpdesk which also has a quick response time. Line seems to be a bit slower than what pipex was ( when it worked properly ) but the stabilty is much better.


If you opt for plusnet then put me down as a referer, and i'll get 50p a month deducted from my bill ;) referer = originart ;)

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^^ If:


1) It offers a reasonably good line speed that's consistent and reliable.


2) It can be a profitable enterprise overall (even if only a minimal profit), and doesn't cost the end user an arm, leg and kidney.


I will:


a) Say absolutely beggar all negative about it. :) I may even say nice things about it. (Yup, shock, horror I know, but I can do that too, sometimes) :wink:




a) If its little or no improvement on the status quo service, or becomes yet one more bottomless pit that the council keeps pouring money in to. I might well, and probably will, slag it off something rotten....like I always do. :wink:

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Having just popped along to the speedtest site to check out the mega quickness of our exchange activate broadband which showed as .46/.18. -I suppose thats rougly what is says on the crappy tin.

I was tempted to see what the rest of the world was getting, a small island group was very near the top of BOTH the upload and downloand speed tables.

Those of you at the recent island games should have noticed!

The Aland islands quoted as 15.31 down(4th) and 5.31 up(3rd).


I have just self edited a very long rant which was to have followed and would no doubt have caused the mods to chastise me vigorously.


An appeal to the SIC, please please please pay attention to this issue and if neccessary spend some money on it as it will, unlike other notable investments, produce tangible economic and social benefits for the people and economy of Shetland. A start has been made with the pilot projects in Vidlin and Fetlar, so far so good just "keep the wagons rolling"

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....and the Ness. I've been stuck with this for 3 days.




Yet I just got somebody along the road who's with BT, to run the same test at the same time, and they're getting 3.64 Download! :evil:


For all their faults, I think BT are going to be getting my money from now and on.

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Okay, so here's my problem. What the hell is the deal with ping times in Shetland? Is it just my ISP capping my connection to death? Between 5pm and 1am, I am lucky if my ping is under 200ms. This means playing anything online is completely impossible.


I'm with o2 and they've been a little dodgy for a while now. Can anyone recommend an ISP with good line contention? So I may finally have a ping that I would expect? I'm not sat on the moon :(

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Thats the main reason we changed from PIPEX, it was getting to be that constantly between 7pm and 11pm our pings were so unstable it was stupid, pings would jump up ~ 300.


We change to PLUSNET , although sometimes at peak times between 8 - 10 pings can rise up to ~ 80, the connection is stable and gaming traffic is prioretised, pings are normally around the 50-55 and that with 4 gamers from a single connection.

Be carefull which option you take with them though, as although the plusnet unlimited looks a good deal ALL traffic is throttled.

We started on the PLUSNET PRO option £19.99 per month, but with 4 of us in the house the 15gig bandwith cap is just not enough, they charge an extra £1 per gig over the allowance of 15gig, and any usage between midnight and 8am is FREE, so does not count towards you monthly allowance.

Anyway we are changing over tto the PLUSNET Business option 2, which gives 50gigs usage, gaming traffic is still prioritised and thats £23.


Plus they run a referral scheme, so if you refer customers to them you get monthly reductions from your bill, so if you do opt to go with them then my user id originart if you want to add me as your referal.


So far i havent had a problem with them, and if i've had to phone them they have been prompt in responding and operatives certainly sounded british. Fantastic online support also, and a load of tools for problem solving.

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^^ Just how badly do Plusnet throttle their unlimited option? I don't game, so that's not an issue, and don't do much in the way of downloading. I'm just looking for something that is consistent and reliable as and when required anytime from late morning until well in to the night, that I can surf heavy difficult loading web pages (think ebay) at the same time as I'm playing streaming radio or video (think YouTube).


How far are you from your exchange, to give an idea of how relevant the speed on your test would be to me.

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Ghostrider - link to plusnets download speeds for unlimited http://www.plus.net/support/broadband/quality_broadband/speed.shtml#unlimitedspeeds

Activities not listed, such as web surfing, email and video streaming have no specific restrictions and are prioritised on our network at all times


I'm about 1.5 miles away from the Weisdale Exchange.

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