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Problems with Broadband in Gulberwick  

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  1. 1. Problems with Broadband in Gulberwick

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We're on the same exchange Marvin, what's yours like?


It varies, but speedtest (which I don't 100% trust) says about 5.5Mbps.


The BT checker says about 4Mbps.


Those results you are getting are really bad. The speed is shocking but even worse, the ping times... almost unusable!


Welcome to the (new) world of o2. They're basically a disgrace now. My 1 year minimum contract hits next month, so I'll be changing to some one else.

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From the above postings it is very difficult to see exactly how a Shetland Telecom service via the Faroetel cable will actually make much difference. I'm just a layman, but surely the issues are largely down to the poor local network connecting households to the exchanges? Extra bandwidth off island is always a good thing and for that the cable is perhaps a good move, but until such a time as decent domestic connections come available there's little point as we may not be using the current off island capacity as it is.


Perhaps someone on the 'team' could answer that question?


Edited to add my results:





Location Burra, 3 miles from the exchange at Hamnavoe.

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