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Problems with Broadband in Gulberwick  

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I said the other day, in another thread, that I was having trouble playing videos, I just checked my connection speed here, (it's easy and free)

when we first got wireless broadband, we were getting 8 mb, it's now down to anywhere between 850 kb to 1.6 mb, I don't know what the hell's going on but I will be on the phone to Orange in the morning (it's always too busy at night) No wonder videos wont play :evil:



Orange......I'll never go back to them again after the hassle I had.


1st, they put up the price of my package.


2nd, they changed the package that I was on from a completely unlimited 8mb to an 8mb package with a 10gb download limit without notifying me.


3rd, when I unwittingly went over the download limit (without being told I had) they capped the speed of my connection within peak hours (6pm to 12am) to 512k.


Only when I rang them to request my mac code so that I could switch to BT did they offer to take the cap off my account.

By that time I'd had more than enough of them and I was going, no matter how much begging they did.

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Can I assume my connection is also crap?


Tiscalli upped my package from £14.99 to £19.99 a month without telling me. The service has been shocking since Talk Talk bought Tiscalli out and I still can't access my emails, 5 days running now that Tiscalli is rejecting my password when I try to log in. Time for them to get the boot me thinks.



Who's the best internet supplier at the moment?

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^^ I'd agree Tiscali are rubbish. They weren't too bad when I went with them first, but in the 6-12 months before teh TalkTalk takeover they went downhill fast, and TalkTalk have done nothing that's improved them since. I've been meaning to leave them since last January when they put the price up, and go with Plusnet, which seems in the majority opinion to be the ill best eenoo.


Just been too damn lazy to get around to sorting it out yet. :oops:

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Just spent 15 minutes on the phone to Tiscali/Talk Talk, only to be told that my email account has been suspended due to a missed payment!!!!


When Tiscali upped my broadband from £14.99 a month to £19.99, without telling me, I didn't have sufficient funds in the account to cover the extra money that I unaware was going to be removed (illegally as far as I am concerned) from my bank account. I ended up getting a bank charge of £25 for Unplanned Borrowing or a failed Direct Debit or something, can't remember off hand, and a letter from Tiscali which cost another £9.

I phoned them up and tore a strip off until they agreed to refund the costs incured to myself by what they admitted was their mistake. Looking through my bank statements, I have never recieved any refunds. I have also noticed that they charged me £20.95 in March for some reason???


Can't wait until Monday, as someone in their billing and cancalation department is going to have a very, very bad day. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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When TF is the next boat across.....

:cry: there are no boat anylonger.....................


Okay, I guess its a case of learn basic Norwegian, and thumb a passage on the next trawler or purser heading home then. Although it would be no surprise if they were giving us a wide berth too, the kind of welcome the old Sheriff has been handing out lately. :?

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I have also noticed that they charged me £20.95 in March for some reason???


I think this had to do with the price increase and billing dates being on different days, I got charged £21.11.


The price increase took effect on January 14th, but the end of January bill was still charged at £14.99. I presume the additional couple of pound was the proportion of the £5.00 monthly increase due from January 14th until whatever the actual billing date was at the end of January.

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