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Problems with Broadband in Gulberwick  

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little bit of advice again if you are a bt customer call their help line tell them your broadband is crap and plug in the ethernet cable so they can then give you the number to put in the address bar for them to have remote access to your computer then leave them to dick around trying to sort out your broken router after a hour or so they give up yet still dont admit that it is a line fault, then send you a brand new free wirless router. plug it in then repeat the process. Ive got 3 anyone want one.

if we all do this and keep on doing this it will mount up costs for bt and we get loads of free wireless routers to put on ebay when the broadband is sorted out.

I cant be assed trying to sort a problem that I am paying them through my monthly direct debit to sort out remember to also hang up the fone once asif or wotif takes control of the computer make a cup of tea and spend some time chatting to the wife play with the kids but dont bloody stress about it. we managed to live long happy lives before broadband and im sure we can live long happy lives without it.

like I said before send them a check for your payment as when the broadband is down the banking gets screwed up too, a little note with the check explaining this is to ensure they recieve the money as electronic communication and tranfers to and from shetland are so unreliable these days.

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What's the situation like this morning?


I received an email from Ian Shanks this morning saying that work has been ongoing overnght but BT have not got it completely sorted yet. I'll be phoning him today so it would be good to know what the situation currently is.


Just a quick comment - when sending notes of problems to Shetland Broadband (slowadsl@shetland.co.uk), please state your phone number. Also, Ian is doing this entirely on your behalf... he is not responsible for the problem in any way. One or two complainers seem to have misunderstood what he is trying to do and giving him a bit of grief thinking that he is acting on behalf of BT. All he is trying to do is compile a dossier of complaints so that he can give it to BT.


Cheers and thanks,



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Just recieved the following in response to an email I sent BT Wholesale




We have checked and It appears that there are problems with the Broadband exchange equipment working to its full capacity. Therefore, work is required to allow the circuits to run at the predicted speed(s)


The faults we've received are from various service providers, and they are all being kept informed of the relevant progression of the individual cases..


They should then be updating their respective customers.


Our suppliers are working on resolving the issues creating the slow connections and/or speed issues. The situation will be rectified as soon as possible

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