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Problems with Broadband in Gulberwick  

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  • 3 weeks later...
Nice to see an improvement in internet speed up here in Yell:




16 ms ? This is the new faster than light service. However, that is a pretty poor performance for that. Have you checked your Neutrino Collector hasn't got any dirt in it ?

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  • 2 years later...

^ Abscond over to Plusnet, I should have listened to the folk who told me to do so long before I finally decided to. I used to get speeds as bad as that for at least part of every day with TalkTalk, mainly 5pm-Midnight, and rarely got more than 1.2 D/L at the best of times.


Same lines, machines and other gubbins with Plusnet I now rarely drop below 4 D/L and peak at between 5 and 6 D/L. Not brilliant perhaps, but when you've lived with below 1 D/L for years as "normal" its brilliant.



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The 'A' part of ADSL means 'asynchronous'.  That is why there is a huge difference between Download and Upload speeds.  Your upload is not 'useless'.  That's the way it's been 'engineered'.


Download speed seems OK and upload speed seems almost a normal(?)for an 8Mb service.  Maximum upload would be around 0.38Mb/s.  0.29Mb/s suggests that there might be something interfering.


Your ping is pretty poor.  1/10 of a second is way to long.


Lots of if's and but's control your connection stats. 

Could be time of day congestion, lousy ISP, distance from exchange, quality of line etc. etc. etc.


A better speed test is available at www.thinkbroadband.com and, to eliminate 'queer' results, you should run the speed test at roughly the same time every day for a week.  That way, will be get a better picture of your 'average'


Do not run a speed test throughout the evening and expect to get 'good' results.

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I see that you are with PlusNet and, imho (because, so am I :thmbsup ) , they are pretty good.


I don't think that they would have deliberately 'over sold' their product to you though.  6Mb, or so, out of an 8Mb connection is not to dire and, they would have quoted a maximum achievable under optimum conditions.

Having said that, they should(?) also have told you that it was the maximum and that, realistically, you should not expect that figure consistently.


For myself, I was told that the maximum achievable on my line was 7.4Mb but, a better guide would be to expect around 6.5Mb.

I check my speed regularly and, guess what, it is normally around 6.7 - 6.8Mb.  More than fast enough for my needs.

Ping can vary a little between 41 and 57ms.  Not absolutely brilliant but, not to bad.


The only thing that would irritate me with your connection is the long ping time.  There might be a perfectly good reason for it but, it makes the internet seem very slow.

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