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Crofting: the way forward or a step back?

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Is crofting a viable enterprise for the future or is it just a hobbie or another form of welfare benefits due to the subsidies?

What do people think about the croft reform bill due to go before MSPs (when they get the roof fixed). Are crofters sheep fixated land grabing greedy so and so's or are they just doing it because nobody else wants to?

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Crofting is unlikely to offer an acceptable standard of living to anyone who relies on the croft for their sole income. However taken as part of a package that includes one or more other jobs it can certainly help to keep the countryside alive and with the right initiatives such as this new idea of growing plants in boggy areas the future can look bright.


Whats the alternative?. Surely we can not sit back and let the Crofters Commision and the Eurocrats complete the work of the landowners at the time of the clearances.

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