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Eating is a chore.


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- Its a waste of time

- It costs money

- You have to wash dishes

- Dish-soap stuff costs money

- Washing dishes takes ages

- If you have a dishwashermachine, it costs money to run.

- You have to take a dump at some point after eating.

- Toilet roll costs money

- Feces are smelly.

- Toilets are annoying to clean

- Off food can make you ill


Its such a shame that you have to eat to live.

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Don't eat then..... who would mind?




PS. Personally I love food - I love the taste, the smell, the texture, the preparation, everything!!! Even the washing up!!!! Pooing, ok not brilliant, but a good poo is cathartic IMHO! I love spending money, I don't use a washing machine (child exploitation is the way forward), I don't eat off-food - I eat on-food!!!

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You crazy badgers! You hate eating and sleeping?! You are the anti-Garfield.


I'm just waiting for someone to pipe in with how sex is too much effort, music is a strain on the ear drums and that conversation irritates the vocal chords. Not to mention the strain caused on our eyes by reading, watching sunsets etc...

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Guest Anonymous

Who to hell ever said sleeping, or eating, was a waste of time....

Because when you sleep you can dream of eating,,,,,,

Then when you wake up you won't feel hungry.


The same can be said about making love. If you dream about it, you won't feel horny when you wake up......


OK!!!! Forget both those theories.. Just remembered what I dreamt about last night, and what I was hungry for this morning..


:lol: :lol: :lol:

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I like living, eating is just an inconvenience.


Ha ha as soon as I read the title for the topic I knew this was yours! No I agree, I wish we weren't so dependant on food and water, as much as I love to eat and drink I just can't stand the fact its a necessity to our survival. Same with breathing.

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