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Best Shetland Football players ever seen

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dB du wis wan o da best till du went tae Inverness


Were you the youngest player to play junior coonty dB ?

14 if my memory serves me correct ?




No me Frankie, I wis just turned 15 for da first een. I think dere's certainly been younger as dat.

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dB du wis wan o da best till du went tae Inverness



Dear God how auld is du? I didna think onybuddy could mind dat far back.


Thanks onywy.


dB, I must've played wi dee as weel....am I richt?




I tink so, but it's a while fae I hung up da boots.

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Wis du a young fellow wi' serious spectacles, played at da back? :?:


Young is relative, is it no'? But if du can mind playin' wi some o da names du's mentioned dan I guess I must be.

Yes, specs an aa - never headed a ba for 10 years till I got da contact lenses - still canna header een onywye :lol:

Played up front in primary/secondary school and for a month or so for Scalloway juniors (nae Ness den) until Peter Grant stuck me at right back for a game - never looked back fae den.

Ended up as a keeper on the occasions when naebody else wid do it.

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