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KFC for Shetland?


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There used to be a fried chicken place across from the Queens Hotel. It lasted no more than a few months.


Like the burger bar that preceded Oslas2, I suspect this latest proposed venture will bite the dust fairly quickly. :?


My thoughts exactly I think it would do well for a few months and then decline in popularity.


It's not something I would like to see. We never go near it down here and we have plenty to choose from but I suppose other folk might really like it.

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I am led to believe that it is the proprietor of another fast food place that is opening this venture.


That wouldn't be those fine examples of pitta clad perfection perchance? The interesting part of this is that this (if trademarks are not being flagrantly violated) represents the arrival of a big name chain. What's next? Pizza Shed? Burger Kling? (you'll know what that is 24 hours after eating a double whipper with mushrooms, cheese and a side of the aforementioned cat vomit).


The bottom line is do we need more takeaways and is there sufficient interest to keep it going beyond the honeymoon period and the first accusation of selling squirrel carcases? KFC on good days is greasey nastiness with small choke inducing bones. The tower burgers and the 'zinger' range are better but pretty oily, and the freedom fries best left to the Americans.


We've got some of the best Fish & Chips in the entire known universe (at least amongst civilisations that eat aquatic life forms) so why do we need overcooked chicken with a 'special' coating? Ah well, I suppose I'd best taste it before being too judgemental - but then again this is the internet where opinion doesn't need to be linked to experience :-)

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Thanks, but I'll stick to my chippies. Much nicer.


In addition, I've eaten at KFC once and it wasn't too bad, but I'm never keen on chicken from fast food places. Not these days, anyway.


Back in October I had a night out with my flatmates and their pals - we went to Classic Grand, a small club on Jamaica Street. We left just before three and went to the Argyle St branch of McDonald's. I asked the fellow on the counter for a cheese burger but he gave me chicken - which I didn't discover until after we'd left and it was too late to go back. I shrugged and ate it anyway, but since I was a bit drunk it very nearly made me extremely ill.


Not doing THAT again, I can tell you.

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