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Wanting to move to Shetland


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Guest Anonymous

Secondly, prepare yourself for the weather because it's unpredicatable and never particularly hot. Many a time I've ventured home in the summer and find myself astounded to see children running about in shorts and t-shirt when I've got my jacket on. :shock:


Ahhh yes the pleasant Shetland weather,,, Where I am it never topped -5C today, but it still felt a damned sight warmer than Shetland with +5C and a 40 knot wind trying to blow my gonads off... :D

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Ahhh yes the pleasant Shetland weather,,, Where I am it never topped -5C today, but it still felt a damned sight warmer than Shetland with +5C and a 40 knot wind trying to blow my gonads off... :D


My brothers have worked on building sites in Canada where it is -40C and they had to keep the nails in a bucket in a fire to stop them freezing to their fingers when they picked up them up, but they say there is nothing to beat the cold of working on a roof in Shetland with a gale blowing.

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Wilks, why are you talking about a person as if they aren't there when you are responding to their thread?


Because it was a general observation, not a personal attack.

Since du brought up da subject o' grammer, how does "a person" become plural, "they"? An' du missed da spellin mistak as weel.:wink:

Takk til deg Trønder.


I used "æ" as I hæ it on my keyboard, an' I joost tink it "looks" better dan "ae". :)


Correct jz, OP = original poster.

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Moving swiftly back on topic, I wish you every success in finding a new home in Shetland. I noticed that a lot of the negative aspects about living in Shetland have been brought up here and they're good to know, but I would swap my city life for Shetland life any day of the week if it weren't for family commitments. I'm taking the family to Shetland on holiday next year and I'm hoping they'll fall in love with it too.



...and yes it can be windy in the winter; but what about those clear, still frosty nights that command such spectacular views of the northern lights, and the annual meteor showers and night sky in general.


Ok, so you're aware it can be cold. No big deal, wrap up warm and get out there. The scenery, the wildlife and the tranquillity of it all never fails to leave me in awe. Sometimes you need to move away to realize how much you truly appreciate it. I miss the fresh salty wind and the smell of the sea. To watch seals and otters in the wild, or pick up the wand and go fishing right on the doorstep is something that city dwellers pay through the nose for the privilege of.


Best of luck!

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Firstly let me apologise to wveryone for shouting. Now that,s done let me give you my rreasons why I love the islands .True I have never been befoe ,however, I hate England because of the overcrowding ,the fact that you cannnot go more than a few miles without seeing villages and towns all over.I love the outdoors and I have seen and even looked at you live cams and the scenery that you have surrounding yourselves is breathtaking .Your clear skies, the wildlife ,no cinemas and even if things are a bit more pricey than the Uk, it literaly is a small price to pay for the serenity of your landscapes.So if anyone can help me to accomplish what other people only talk about doing ,I would love some help in achieving the move.


Where would be the best area to move within the islands:-

a) to find a job

B) to rent accomadation


As far as work goes I can do just about anything from barwork to office work to labouring.

All suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated


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Guest Anonymous

ignore the negativity.You're right in all the positives you give Shetland. :)

Would advise you visit anywhere before just upping sticks though!

Take a holiday here first just to make sure its really what you want.

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i agree,take a long visit here in winter. i have had many people say "oh great i would love the peace and quiet"....until they have lived here,in a village,on their own,in the winter.


that said i moved here 14 odd years ago..never regretted it for an instant...but i love home, books,and a very very very quiet life...now if only i could get one!!


and i moved here without visiting first...yes i know..pot..kettle..black etc etc

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I'm not planning to move, but I, too, am from the southern regions and love the Shetlands :)


Visited on holiday 2 years ago, decided it was great, went back this year, and I'm pondering another visit next year :D


Of course only been around in the height of summer so far...


It's tempting to move sometimes, but I get the impression the IT industry up there is a bit nonexistent.

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I was thinking the "writing software to sell to people" side.


While I'm pondering more...


Good shetlands bits (from my perspective):

  • [*:62cf5d3fab]The landscape
    [*:62cf5d3fab]The quiet life
    [*:62cf5d3fab]The isolation
    [*:62cf5d3fab]The lack of all those hideous chain shops
    [*:62cf5d3fab]The sea! The sea!
    [*:62cf5d3fab]Property prices not quite as insane as London
    [*:62cf5d3fab]Doesn't get quite as insanely hot in summer as the South
    [*:62cf5d3fab]Fudge is lovely
    [*:62cf5d3fab]The UK papers turning up appeared to be an exciting special event
    [*:62cf5d3fab]The trivial nature of crime in the local paper

Bad bits (from my perspective):

  • [*:62cf5d3fab]The lack of a really good supermarket
    [*:62cf5d3fab]Isolation could get to you after a while
    [*:62cf5d3fab]Shortage of software industry
    [*:62cf5d3fab]Lack of London bookshops
    [*:62cf5d3fab]Probably a bit chilly in the winter (not tried this yet, must arrange it)
    [*:62cf5d3fab]Everything seems to be run by the council (debatable, needs further study)

And someone already mentioned the lack of a cinema, which given the quality of Holywood's output these days counts as a plus point in my book.

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