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Wanting to move to Shetland


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There's nothig wrong with Mossbank. I lived there for part of my life and never had a complaint. Also, you go on about the troubles in Mossbank but all the trouble is in Firth, the top end of Mossbank. When have you ever seen trouble from the bottom end of Mossbank. And the people that were referred to may live in Mossbank but, as it was stated, spend all their time in Lerwick and all they crimes they've comitted have been in the town.

As for the comments on staying on for 6th year, they may have left school and got an apprenticeship. Staying on at school wont necessarily set you up for life.

Also, it gets called the Ghetto because of the reputation people are very quick to give it.

I don't think you should knock it until you've tried it.


Fair enough - I stand corrected.




From what I mind, out of the ten or so that came up to my year from Mossbank, one went to uni, and about three or four of them went to college or did an apprenticeship. That leaves five who did little with themselves.


That could just have been my year, it's maybe improved in the last couple of years.


And @Medziotojas - I do indeed hope they improve the bus service.

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I would like to put my two pennyworth in here if I may...I moved to Firth 5 months ago and this was by choiceI have nothing but praise for the folks I have met. I was made very welcome from the word go... I have been amazed at how quiet it is here....I came here from a New Town which is so bad now that you cannot go out after dark...there is crime on a vast and daily basis and the Police seem unable to control most of it....

This place is a little bit of Heaven and I for one have great neighbours who have made us more than welcome...yes there are empty houses here and If people keep knocking the local residents and giving it a bad press, It will not get any better...All those lovely folk who live here want to see the houses full of tennants, if people are put of coming here the area will die of as has happened in other places ....Please give the residents of Firth a chance to show just how welcoming and community spirited they can be.....Let the past go and look to the future....You could not come and live in a lovlier place than Shetland.....I am experiencing my first winter here and find everyday to be different and will never cease to be amzed by the scenery....I would also like to add that i have a son who is Special needs and he has been treated with the greatest respect here by evryone ....THAT did not happen where we lived before....

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Guest Anonymous

Re. Snow

Well said,

Yes Firth gets bad press, but Firth's 'bad press' is a helluva lot better than the 'best press' for some places in the supposedly civilised UK mainland.


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:D :D Moving to Shetland after two years research was the best decision we could have made nearly 16 years ago. Lived in Scallaway for 6 months and over 10 years in Yell the few years in Firth. We've been very fortunate to meet and live near some grand folk. Whenever we go "south" we enjoy being away but can't wait to get back home ( our parents moved a year after us in their seventies and eighties ).

Nowhere is perfect and in most places if you put into the community you will get alot back.

we have relatives in Cornwall and the only difference between here and there is the rain's warmer but can be just as horizontal

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I'm just glad people are beginning to not believe everything they hear as one fo the only bad things about Shetland is the gossip, everyone knows everything about everyone.


If you have lived in Mossbank and still decide to hate it, fair enough.

But don't judge something you have never experienced.


That's all I am trying to get across.



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I dont understand why some people consider it a bad thing either. I'm a born and bred shetlander and to me its one of my favourite things about the place and what makes it so homely.


The main reason i have now registered with shetlink is to make a post here to further what others have said about Firth.


I have lived in Yell, where i was brought up, then Scalloway and Lerwick, before settling here. Firth is by far my favourite place to stay. Peaceful and clean and tidy, excellent transport links, but most of all it is unbeatable as a place to bring up children.


It is no surprise that the nursery and school have been so highly praised.


Dont get me wrong, i'm not saying theres anything "wrong" with the other places i just never felt at home and safe like i do here. It reminds me of how Yell used to be when i was young.


So in closing and hopefully on the subject, if you are thinking of moving to Shetland, Firth and Mossbank are a good reason to do so, especially if you have, or intend to have, a family.

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Dont get all in awe of the Shetland Islands brochures... trust me when you are out in the pissin rain and hurricanes.. you will wish that you had thrown the brochures in the bin and decided not to bother moving at all...


Dont expect trees.. there are very few... seemingly the sheep eat them... thats probably because in the winter the parks are that weet that they reach for something dry....


If you like driving... great.. but alas the price of fuel up here... £1.21p a litre for diesel.. well.. you wont be driving a lot!


Always take a change of clothes with you when you go out.. because guaranteed.. it might be sunny when you step out the door but by the time you have driven to the bottom of the road.. it will be pissin doon.


I could go on all night... but alas.. I wont... :?

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