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Wanting to move to Shetland


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We plan to do all the building work ourselves, including mixing the concrete on site to be assured of quality control. (And yes I realise we'll need at least 500 tons of concrete even for the small house design.)


It would be nice to find a suitable dippy hole that doesn't require too much expanding to reduce the amount of grunt work to do. Maybe if anyones at a loose end, you can pop over and I'll hand out a pick and shovel :-)


(I once landscaped my own garden, digging out and moving 200 tons of spoil by bucket and spade, perhaps this time we can afford a JCB off Ebay.)


I'm very much a fan of old building designs, not keen on a lot of this fancy stuff we've been putting up this last century. I want something that is going to last generations, be low maintence, doesn't scar the landscape and big enough to swing a cat!


I've always had an interest in architecture and spent a lifetime fixing other peoples bodged houses, seeing endless poor designs and general hodge podge of chipboard this and laminated that, I reckon I've got a good picture now of what works and what doesn't.


Whilst I love wood, I'm not keen to build a home out of it, I want something very fire proof, and not prone to insect damage, dry rot/etc. Instead of foam, I've been looking at a layer of perlite or similar and concrete, something that doesn't get eaten away by rats or mice.


You can get log cabins quite cheaply now, I think Argos do them from around £13k:




I'm also going for something akin to a bungalow design in having everything important on a single floor, and ramps rather than stairs, so if I need to retire with a wheelchair, everythings accessable.

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The winds you experienced above were (I am fairly certain to say) an occurrence that you will experience at least once a year in Shetland.


Met Office has issued a weather warning tonight for the winds to increase up to 40knots. I can't wait. Only reason I am still up. The summer we have had has been phenomenal and I need some good old-fashioned shetty weather to blow the cobwebs out.


Moan about the weather all you want (as we all do!) but to lean into a 50/60knot wind with driving rain reminds you that you are still alive.


In the past year I got blown off my feet in heavy winds and landed about 5 or 6 feet from where I had been. Absolutely brilliant! I don't recall any time that has happened since childhood and it was totally unexpected and I enjoyed every second.

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but logan air are not doing ba flights anymore. i tried the web page and it would not let me get the route. but yes lets hope it stays open.


Loganair operated the Bergen flight this summer and I would imagine that they will continue to do the same for the next couple of summers at least. As far as I am aware it was initiated by Loganair and not British Airways and as such should have no effect under the new franchise agreement with FlyBe.

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